DEL definition

DEL means the Department of Early Learning of the State of Washington; any division, section, office, unit or other entity of DEL; or any of the officers or other officials lawfully representing DEL.
DEL means the Washington State Department of Early Learning.
DEL or "department" means the department of early learning.

Examples of DEL in a sentence

  • DEL 3: DEN UAVHENGIG SAKKYNDIGES UTTALELSEVi har utført vår kontroll og avgir vår uttalelse i samsvar med standard for attestasjonsoppdrag SA 3802-1 ”Revisors uttalelser og redegjørelser etter aksjelovgivningen”.

  • A Full School Day site operated by a government agency that believes it is not required to be licensed pursuant to RCW 43.215.010(2)(j) or RCW 43.215.010(2)(k) may request an exemption from the DEL expedited licensing process by sending an exemption request to the County, who will send to DEL.

  • If a site fails the first inspection, the Agency must submit their corrective action plan to DEL for approval within 30 days of the inspection.

  • Agencies must fill out the DEL Approval of New ECEAP Site form for any proposed new sites, to be submitted to the County, who will submit to DEL.

  • Offer Families Moving Forward, the DEL curriculum on executive function and family self-sufficiency for parents and guardians of enrolled ECEAP children.

More Definitions of DEL

DEL means Del and its affiliates.
DEL means the Department for Employment and Learning; “DFP” means the Department of Finance and Personnel;
DEL means DEL-LPL Limited Partnership, a Delaware limited partnership, or DEL-LPAML Limited Partnership, a Delaware limited partnership, or both.
DEL means direct exchange line, the service detailed in Customer Interface Publication: KCOM (Hull) CIP001 which is available at wholesale/service-information/technical-interface-information/;