Buyers definition

Buyers has the meaning set forth in the preamble.
Buyers has the meaning set forth in the preface above.
Buyers shall have the meaning set forth in the recitals hereto.

Examples of Buyers in a sentence

  • As of each Monthly Report Date, Seller Parties hereby certify, represent and warrant to Administrative Agent and Buyers that each such updated Asset Schedule is true, complete and correct in all material respects.

  • Seller fails to transfer the Note or a material portion of the other Purchased Assets to Administrative Agent on the applicable Purchase Date (provided Administrative Agent has tendered the related Purchase Price on behalf of Buyers).

  • Administrative Agent, Buyers and the Indenture Trustee shall have received in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to Administrative Agent an officer’s certificate from PLS and a certificate of a Responsible Officer of the Issuer, dated the Closing Date, each certifying to the satisfaction of the conditions set forth in the preceding paragraphs (a) and (b), in each case together with incumbency, by-laws, resolutions and good standing.

  • Seller Parties are not relying upon any advice from Administrative Agent or Buyers as to any aspect of the Transactions, including the legal, accounting or tax treatment of such Transactions.

  • Counsel to the Issuer and PLS shall have delivered to Administrative Agent, Buyers and the Indenture Trustee favorable opinions, dated the Closing Date and satisfactory in form and substance to Administrative Agent and its counsel, relating to corporate matters, enforceability, security interest, safe harbor and perfection and an opinion as to which state’s law applies to security interest and perfection matters.

More Definitions of Buyers

Buyers has the meaning set forth in the preamble to this Agreement.
Buyers means the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority and includes its designated representatives, successors and assignees. “Seller” means the person, firm, corporation or other business entity indicated on the face of this Order.
Buyers shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the preamble hereof.
Buyers as defined in the first paragraph of this Agreement.
Buyers club" means any person engaged in advertising or selling memberships that provide an exclusive right to members to purchase goods, food, services, or property at purported discount prices.
Buyers has the meaning set forth in the introductory paragraph to this Agreement.