BSSF Europe definition

BSSF Europe means (i) Blackstone Real Estate Special Situations Europe L.P., Blackstone Real Estate Special Situations Europe.1 L.P. and Blackstone Real Estate Special Situations Europe.2 L.P., each a limited partnership formed or to be formed under the laws of the United Kingdom pursuant to the Limited Partnerships Xxx 0000 of the United Kingdom, (ii) any alternative vehicle, parallel fund or other investment vehicle established pursuant to Article 2 of the partnership agreements for the partnerships referred to in clause (i) above, and (iii) any investment vehicle formed to co-invest with any of the partnerships referred to in clause (i) above using third party capital and that potentially pays Carried Interest Distributions (as such term is used in such partnership agreements).

Examples of BSSF Europe in a sentence

  • The books and records of the Partnership contain the GP-Related Profit Sharing Percentage and GP-Related Commitment of each Partner (including, without limitation, BSSF Europe GP Delaware) with respect to the GP-Related Investments of the Partnership as of the date hereof.

  • BSSF Europe (Cayman) and BSSF Europe GP Delaware shall be the “General Partners,” subject to Section 3.4. A General Partner may not be removed without its consent.

  • The books and records of the Partnership contain the Capital Commitment Profit Sharing Percentage and Capital Commitment-Related Commitment of each Partner (including, without limitation, BSSF Europe GP Delaware) with respect to the Capital Commitment Investments of the Partnership as of the date hereof.

  • The General Partners are BSSF Europe (Cayman) and BSSF Europe GP Delaware.

  • The General Partner may from time to time establish such repurchase rights and/or requirements with respect to the Partners’ interests in partnership assets (including GP-Related BSSF Europe Investments) as the General Partner may determine.

  • Capital Commitment Investments shall be valued annually as of the end of each year (and at such other times as deemed appropriate by the General Partner) in accordance with the principles utilized by Associates (or any other Affiliate that is a general partner of BSSF Europe) in valuing investments of BSSF Europe or, in the case of investments not held by BSSF Europe, in the good faith judgment of the General Partner, subject in each case to the second proviso of the immediately succeeding sentence.

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