Boxperson definition

Boxperson means a team member whose primary function is to participate in and supervise the conduct of gaming at a single Craps table.
Boxperson means the occupational licensee of the riverboat licensee who is the supervisor of the craps game being conducted and who assists booking and paying proposition bets at the craps table at which the boxperson is located.
Boxperson means a person responsible for the immediate supervision of the conduct of the game.

Examples of Boxperson in a sentence

  • Boxperson shall be the first level supervisor assigned the responsibility of directly participating in and supervising the operation and conduct of the craps game.

  • At the commencement of play, the Stickperson shall offer the set of dice to the Player immediately to the left of the Boxperson.

  • The Boxperson or Stickperson feels that no effort has been made to roll the dice.

  • Boxperson means the first-level supervisor who is responsible for directly participating in and supervising the operation and conduct of a craps game.

  • The incoming Boxperson will give the Stickperson the OK to move the dice when ready.

  • After the number is called, the Boxperson will verify the payouts on the opposite end of the table that the dice landed on.

  • The outgoing Boxperson will inform the incoming Boxperson of any pertinent information on the game.

  • If the throw of the dice is a No Roll, the Stickperson or Boxperson shall call No Roll and the Shooter shall Roll the dice again.

  • The trial court also understood the First Responders‘ point that the Ordinance resulted from a voter referendum and could not be overturned by a mere city council vote later.

  • The largest denomination check should be cut out closest to the Boxperson.

More Definitions of Boxperson

Boxperson means an individual who supervises dice games, including craps, guards the money and chips at a long table, issues chips, and settles conflicts about the plays.
Boxperson means the first level supervisor assigned the responsibility of directly participating in and supervising the operation and conduct of the craps game.
Boxperson means the individual in craps who supervises the game, settles conflicts, and guards and administers the funds on the table.
Boxperson refers to an individual assigned to supervise other individuals operating certain table games authorized in Appendix A of this Compact; "Cage Cashiers" are the Cashiers . performing any of the functions in the Cashier's Cage as set forth in these Standards;
Boxperson means the first-level supervisor who is responsible for directly participating in and supervising the operation and conduct of the game of craps.

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