Definition of BEE Securities

BEE Securities means the securities in respect of which an issuer requires that the beneficial owners are Black Persons or Black Groups for a period as prescribed by the issuer;

Examples of BEE Securities in a sentence

The JSE will have controls to monitor that only BEE Compliant Persons who have signed a BEE Contract and, where necessary, submitted BEE Certifi cates or identity documents /naturalisation affi davits are able to buy BEE Securities listed on the proposed BEE Segment.
As is the case with the Amended Cash Contract and the Amended New Cash Contract, the fundamental thread running through the BEE Contract is the requirement that only BEE Compliant Persons should be or become the Benefi cial Owners of BEE Securities.
This BEE Contract will then cover all trades undertaken by that proposed Benefi cial Owner in BEE Securities listed on the proposed BEE Segment, not only Sasol BEE Ordinary Shares.
The Proposed JSE Listings Requirements will, if approved, provide that the transferability of BEE Securities is restricted to take place only between BEE Compliant Persons.
In all other respects, the JSE's ordinary trading rules will apply to the trading of BEE Securities.