ballot box definition

ballot box means the locked and sealed container in which ballots are deposited by eligible electors. The term includes the container in which ballots are transferred from a polling location to the office of the designated election official and the transfer case in which electronic ballot cards and paper tapes and the "prom" or any other electronic tabulation device are sealed by election judges for transfer to the central counting center.
ballot box means any box, bag, or other container that can be locked, sealed,
ballot box means a transparent container with a slot on the top sufficient to accept a ballot paper in an election or in a referendum but which prevents access to the votes cast until the closing of the voting period;

Examples of ballot box in a sentence

  • The Manager must get a Ballot Box for the purposes of the Secret Ballot.

  • Training of Polling Station Inspectors, Election Control Staff, Count Supervisors and Ballot Box Reception DRAFT DOCUMENT Team was also undertaken.

  • Each member of the college shall cast a vote by the Voter by writing a tick, cross or mark in the square opposite the name or names of the number of candidates the voter may vote for and by placing the completed ballot paper in the Ballot Box in the control of the Manager at the Meeting.

  • After opening the Ballot Box the Returning Officer shall mix the ballot papers so that the separate identification becomes impossible.

More Definitions of ballot box

ballot box means a computer database in the system where cast internet ballots and telephone ballots are put;
ballot box means a ballot box provided for under paragraph 16(8) for the reception of outer envelopes returned by voters;
ballot box means the storage instrument provided to a presiding officer for the taking of a poll and for storing used and unused ballots;
ballot box means a box wherein voters are obliged to place their marked ballot papers;
ballot box means the box into which a voter shall deposit the ballot paper or ballot papers corresponding to the candidate or candidates he has voted for in the election;
ballot box means a ballot box provided to a presiding officer under regulation 32 for the taking of a poll;