Paper ballot definition

Paper ballot means a paper that contains:
Paper ballot means a piece of paper on which the ballot for
Paper ballot means a tangible ballot that is marked by a voter and then manually counted.

Examples of Paper ballot in a sentence

  • Paper ballot, on-line ballot.● Vote Tally - When, where, and by whom it will be completed and right to observe.

  • Paper ballot precincts fall under the same minimum performance guarantees required for Phase II precincts.

  • Paper ballot polling stations shall register voters through the online polling software to ensure that each member receives only one ballot.v. Ballots shall display the legal or preferred name of the candidate and the position for which they are

  • Paper ballot handlingOne of the goals of the voting machine upgrade is to allow all voters to vote independently and privately, including verifying their ballot.

  • Paper ballot voting must be conducted at voting stations or, subject to the agreement of the Chief Returning Officer, by mail-out ballot.

More Definitions of Paper ballot

Paper ballot means an election ballot made of paper to be tabulated by optical scan and for use by a voter to select choices on a vote target by using a manual marking device.
Paper ballot means a piece of paper on which the ballot for a particular election or primary has been printed, on which a voter may record his or her choices for any candidate or for or against any measure, and that is to be tabulated man- ually;
Paper ballot means a ballot manually marked by the voter and counted by hand without the assistance of a machine or optical-scan vote tabulating device;
Paper ballot means that printed sheet of paper, used in conjunction with an electronic or electromechanical vote tabulation voting system, containing the names of candidates, or a statement of proposed constitutional amendments or other questions or propositions submitted to the electorate at any election, on which sheet of paper an elector casts his or her vote.
Paper ballot means a printed paper ballot which conforms in layout and format to the voting device in use.
Paper ballot means an individual paper document that bears marks made by the voter by hand or through electronic means.