Archery definition

Archery means the use of a hand-held bow.
Archery means indoor or outdoor archery organized for sport in which the participant uses a bow to discharge arrows at a target for practice or competition, but does not include forms of archery known as, field archery, ski archery, Clout archery, Flight archery, Popijay archery or Archery golf. 3. GENERAL PROHIBITIONS (1) No person shall discharge a firearm or bow within the limits of the City of Hamilton, except as provided for in Section 5 (2) No owner or occupier of property shall permit the discharge of a firearm or bow on property to which they own or occupy, except as provided for in Section 5Page 4 of 7(3) No person permitted under this By-Law to discharge a firearm or bow shall fail to ensure that discharged from the firearm or bow will not leave the property from where the discharge took place. (4) No person shall discharge a firearm or bow within one hundred (100) meters of a dwelling, a public park or private park, a public open space or the premises of an educational institution or of a religious institution or organization, including but not limited to any building, structures or grounds related thereto. (5) No person shall obstruct a Law Enforcement Officer while such Law Enforcement Officer is engaged in his or her duties under this By-Law. 4. SCOPE This By-Law does not apply to:

Examples of Archery in a sentence

  • In the discipline of Field Archery: For the Barebow, Recurve and Compound Divisions for Cadet Women, Cadet Men, Junior Women, Junior Men, Women, Men, Master Women and Master Men: Field Round; Arrowhead Round; World Championship Round.

  • World Archery recognises the following classes: Cadet Women;Cadet Men; Junior Women; Junior Men; Women;Men;Master Women; Master Men;For Para-Archery, see 21.

  • In case of a perfect score shot in Outdoor Archery a new record shall include the number of Inner 10s (X‘s) and shall require at least one more X than the existing record.

  • Only tournaments consisting of one or more of the following events can obtain official recognition from World Archery.

  • World Archery gives official recognition to tournaments for one or more of the following purposes: Competition for World titles (World Championships); Competition for Olympic titles (Olympic Archery Tournament); Competition for Paralympic titles (Paralympic Archery Tournament); Competition for World Ranking; Competition for Performance Awards and World Records; Competition for the gaining of Olympic and Paralympic qualification.

  • World Archery Championships shall be held every two years as follows: World Archery in odd years; World Archery Field in even years; World Archery Indoor in even years; World Archery Youth in odd years; World Archery Flight in even years; World Archery Ski every year; World Archery Run in even years; World Archery 3D in odd years; World Para-Archery in odd years; World Archery Masters in even years.

  • Any organisation willing to host a World Championship according to World Archery requirements can submit a bid to the Secretary General through the Member Association of the country in which the championship shall take place.

  • Vertical triple faces shall be mandatory for the World Archery Indoor Championships.

  • Archery competitions may be shot at night time provided suitable lighting conditions can be supplied and athletes can practise under such conditions.

  • A Technical Delegate shall be appointed by World Archery to oversee the technical aspects of Championships.

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