approved agent definition

approved agent means a person appointed by the Clearing House to perform certain functions on its behalf in respect of an ATP
approved agent means a person who has such qualifications for the purposes of Section 12 as ASTC or ASTC determines and who is appointed by the Managing Director of ASTC.

Examples of approved agent in a sentence

  • Registered Agent / Approved Agent for Service of Process Agent Name: Company: Address (including county): Address: Phone: FAX: Email: Complete and submit an Appointment of Registered Agent for the State of Georgia and Registered Agent’s Statement form.

  • I authorise the Approved Agent to hold the grant (if applicable) until completion of the eligible transaction and to repay the grant to the Commissioner if the transaction is not completed within 28 days of the date specified.

  • I authorise State Revenue to deposit the grant (if applicable) into the account nominated in Section 5 or into the Approved Agent’s nominated account when lodged with the Approved Agent (ensure account details are correct).

  • I understand that the Approved Agent is not authorised by State Revenue to offer any advice or assistance on the conditions of eligibility for the grant or first home owner rate of duty, or on the completion of this application.

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More Definitions of approved agent

approved agent means an architect, engineer, surveyor, draughtsman or other person -
approved agent means a bank or other corporation appointed by the Corporation under section 39;
approved agent means a person or persons approved by CEZA to carry out any of the functions set forth in this CEZA VCBRR for and in behalf of CEZA;
approved agent. Means, subject to the last four sentences of this definition, Insignia/ESG, Inc., Cushman & Wakefield, Inc., CB Richard Ellis, Jones Lang LaSalle, Colliers ABR and Hines Interests Limited Partnership (and their respective successors) (collectively, the "Initial Agents"). In the event that less than three of the above Persons shall (i) be in existence at the time in question, (ii) be managing Class A commercial space in Manhattan or (iii) cease to be an "Approved Agent" under the penultimate sentence of this paragraph an "Approved Agent" shall be any of the remaining Initial Agents, plus the next largest managing agents that are not Competitors such that the list of Approved Agents shall always consist of at least 3 agents. The largest managing agents shall be determined by the amount of Class A office space managed in Manhattan at such time. The parties acknowledge that one or more of the Initial Agents may currently be a "Competitor". Notwithstanding the foregoing, so long as 75% or more of the space managed by an Initial Agent is not contained in Agent-Owned Buildings, each such Initial Agent shall be deemed to be an Approved Agent. An "Agent-Owned Building" is a building in which more than 7 1/2% of the direct or indirect ownership interests are held by an Initial Agent or its Affiliates.