Amendments to Schedules definition

Amendments to Schedules. Temporary Increase in Commitments. Schedule 1.1(B) is hereby amended and restated in its entirety to read as set forth on Schedule 1.1 (B) hereto. In connection with the temporary increase in Commitments, the Borrowers shall repay all of the Loans, subject to the Borrowers' obligation under Section 4.6.2 [Indemnity] of the Credit Agreement, on the date hereof, and the Borrowers shall re-borrow the same amount of Loans on such date without the necessity of a Loan Request or without other notice to the Agent or the Banks. Thereafter, the Banks shall (i) participate in the new Loans, and (ii) make Participation Advances for Letters of Credit, on and after the date hereof ratably according to their Revolving Credit Commitments as modified on such date.

Examples of Amendments to Schedules in a sentence

  • Between February 27 and March 1, 2004, each Debtor filed its Schedules of Assets and February 2004 Amendments to Schedules of Liabilities and Executory Contracts and February 2004 Amendments to the Statement of Financial Affairs.

  • After the Disclosure of Compensation was set for hearing, but prior to the October 17 Hearing, Gallon amended the Disclosure of Compensation in the Wright case to exclude only 1) Adversary Proceeding; 2) Amendment(s) to Schedules to add creditors; and 3) Objection to Discharge from the services he agreed to perform for debtors.

  • FULL LEGAL NAME(Individuals: Last Name, First Name, Middle Name)DE/FE/IEntity in Which Interest is OwnedStatusDate Status Acquired MM YYYYOwnership CodeControl Person PRCRD No.If None: S.S. No. andDate of Birth, IRS Tax No. or Employer ID No. FORM ADVSchedule CYour Name Date SEC File No. CRD No. Amendments to Schedules A and B 1.

  • Amendments to Schedules A and B shall be determined by the procedure for negotiation provided in Schedule C.

  • On April 27, 2012, the Trustee filed the Trustee’s Notice of Amendments to Schedules (Dkt.

  • Amendments to Schedules, Annexes, Tables, Forms, etc.,of Subsidiary Legislation.

  • Amendments to Schedules, Annexes, Tables, Forms etc., of the Chapters of the Laws of Malta.

  • Amendments to Schedules, Voluntary Petitions, Lists, and Statements of Affairs may be made by filing the original with the Clerk.

  • Report to Grants Committee meeting of June 11, 2018, Tax Relief for Non-Profit Organizations Program: Fiscal Year 2018 – Part 1 Proposed Amendments to Schedules, dated April 20, 2018, p.12.

  • See Filing of Amendments to Schedules 13D or 13G, 17 C.F.R. § 240.13d-2 (2012).

Related to Amendments to Schedules

  • Schedules means, collectively, the schedules of assets and liabilities, schedules of Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases, and statements of financial affairs Filed by the Debtors pursuant to section 521 of the Bankruptcy Code and in substantial accordance with the Official Bankruptcy Forms, as the same may have been amended, modified, or supplemented from time to time.

  • Exhibits means the Exhibits so marked, copies of which are attached to this Agreement. Such Exhibits are hereby incorporated by reference herein and made a part hereof, and may be referred to in this Agreement and any other related instrument or document without being attached hereto or thereto.

  • Addenda “Addendum” or “Amendment(s)” shall mean a clarification, revision, addition, or deletion to this Invitation For Bid by City which shall become a part of the agreement between the parties.

  • Amendments are any changes that are not specifically covered by the terms and conditions of the Centralized Contract, but inclusion is found to be in the best interest of the State. A request to change a contractual term and condition is an example of an amendment.

  • Appendices has the meaning ascribed to it in the recitals to the Agreement.

  • Supplements means any document which may add, delete, amend or replace the terms and benefits of this Policy. Supplement(s) shall include but is not limited to endorsement, rider, annex, schedule or table attached and issued with this Policy.

  • Annexes “Exhibits”, or “Schedules” shall be to Articles, Sections, Annexes, Exhibits or Schedules of or to this Agreement unless otherwise specifically provided. Any term defined herein may be used in the singular or plural. “Include”, “includes” and “including” shall be deemed to be followed by “without limitation”. Except as otherwise specified or limited herein, references to any Person include the successors and assigns of such Person. References “from” or “through” any date mean, unless otherwise specified, “from and including” or “through and including”, respectively. Unless otherwise specified herein, the settlement of all payments and fundings hereunder between or among the parties hereto shall be made in lawful money of the United States and in immediately available funds. References to any statute or act shall include all related current regulations and all amendments and any successor statutes, acts and regulations. All amounts used for purposes of financial calculations required to be made herein shall be without duplication. References to any statute or act, without additional reference, shall be deemed to refer to federal statutes and acts of the United States. References to any agreement, instrument or document shall include all schedules, exhibits, annexes and other attachments thereto. As used in this Agreement, the meaning of the term “material” or the phrase “in all material respects” is intended to refer to an act, omission, violation or condition which reflects or could reasonably be expected to result in a Material Adverse Effect. References to capitalized terms that are not defined herein, but are defined in the UCC, shall have the meanings given them in the UCC. All references herein to times of day shall be references to daylight or standard time, as applicable.

  • Supplemental Agreements means “Change Orders”

  • Mortgage Amendments shall have the meaning provided in Section 5.10.

  • Annexures means any of the annexures, appendices, supplements or documents annexed to this Agreement and as amended from time to time;

  • Addenda/Addendum means supplemental additions, deletions, and modifications to the provisions of the RFP after the release date of the RFP.

  • the second supplementary agreement means the agreement a copy of which is set out in Schedule 4;

  • Addendum/Addenda means formally issued written or graphic modifications and/or interpretations of the Construction Documents that may add to, delete from, clarify or correct the description and/or scope of the Work. Addenda are issued during the bidding phase of the project.

  • Addendum / Addenda means a change, or addition, or correction significant enough to be formally made to this RFP. Addenda are posted on the City websites.

  • Modifications means any amendments, supplements, modifications, renewals, replacements, consolidations, severances, substitutions and extensions of any document or instrument from time to time; “Modify”, “Modified,” or related words shall have meanings correlative thereto.

  • Additional Clauses means the additional Clauses in Call Off Schedule 14 (Alternative and/or Additional Clauses) and any other additional Clauses set out in the Call Off Order Form or elsewhere in this Call Off Contract;

  • Addenda/Addendum means supplemental additions, deletions, and modifications to the provisions of the RFQ after the Advertisement date of the RFQ.

  • Special Contract Attachments means any attachment to this Contract.

  • Attachments means any item the Solicitation requires a Service Provider to submit as part of the Offer.

  • Mentor-Protégé Agreement means an agreement between a prime and MBE or WBE subcontractor pursuant to MCC 2-92-535, that is approved by the City of Chicago and complies with all requirements of MCC 2-92-535 and any rules and regulations promulgated by the Chief Procurement Officer.

  • Supplemental Conveyance means an Aggregate Addition Account Supplemental Conveyance or a New Account Supplemental Conveyance.

  • Master Definitions Schedule means the amended and restated schedule of definitions relating to the Programme originally dated the Programme Effective Date and as most recently amended and restated on 18 December 2020 (as further amended, supplemented and/or replaced from time to time).

  • Supplemental Perfection Certificate means a certificate substantially in the form of Exhibit G or any other form approved by the Administrative Agent.

  • UCC Financing Statements means collectively the Lender Financing Statements and the Lessor Financing Statements.

  • Annexure F means, if applicable to the Product or the subject matter of this Agreement and read conjunctively with the Contractor’s obligations in terms of the Consumer Protection Act, the express warranties provided by the Contractor in relation to the Product.

  • Financing Statements the financing statements delivered to the Collateral Agent by such Grantor on the Closing Date for filing in the jurisdictions listed in Schedule 4.