Additional Application definition

Additional Application means any application that is made available by Provider to Customer in the Drake Hosted Environment for an additional monthly application fee, such as MS Word and MS Excel.
Additional Application means any application that is made available for purchase by Drake to Subscriber in the Right Networks Cloud for an additional monthly application fee, such as Foxit PhantomPDF.
Additional Application means a subsequent application for an additional excursion to be held during the same calendar year in which an applicant has applied for and obtained a permit to operate an excursion train by the same operator or sponsor.

Examples of Additional Application in a sentence

  • Additional Application ComponentsApplicants will attach the additional requested documentation in JustGrants.

  • Applicants should submit the timeline as a separate attachment, as stipulated in Additional Application Components.

  • Additional Application ComponentsThe following components will not be scored but must be included with the application.

  • The applicant from a third country should provide valid Indian visa or valid Residence Permit in India and its copy, and fill up the Additional Application Form.

  • The provisions pertaining to “Minimum Initial Application Amount” and ”Minimum Additional Application Amount” in respect of the Target Scheme will not be applicable for investments made through the DTP Facility.

  • Note - The provisions relating to Minimum Amount (including Additional Application Amount) for subscription / purchase will not be applicable for investments made in the name of Designated Employees of the AMC pursuant to SEBI circular vide reference no.

  • Additional Application Components‌The following components will not be scored but must be included with the application.

  • Full details in the attached documents.Proposed: Cllr Regan Seconded: Cllr Clark Agreed by all Carried.

  • You can instead complete the Additional Application Form, ensuring that you include your current investor number.1) Complete all relevant sections of the Application Form, available from

  • The provisions pertaining to “Minimum Initial Application Amount” and” Minimum Additional Application Amount” in respect of the Target Scheme will not be applicable for investments made through the above facility.

More Definitions of Additional Application

Additional Application means any application for any other year group in the school up to and including Yr 6;

Related to Additional Application

  • Initial application means the Application first provided to MFA on or before an Application Deadline to request an allocation of Tax Credits.

  • Renewal Application means a document used to collect pertinent data for renewal of permits

  • Approval Application means a BLA or similar application or submission for a Product filed with a Regulatory Authority in a country or group of countries to obtain marketing approval for a biological or pharmaceutical product in that country or group of countries.

  • international application means an application filed under this Treaty;

  • Regulatory Approval Application means any application submitted to an appropriate Regulatory Authority seeking any Regulatory Approval.

  • Rental application means the written application or similar document used by a landlord to

  • Development Application means the development application identified in Item 5 of Schedule 1 and includes all plans, reports models, photomontages, material boards (as amended supplemented) submitted to the consent authority before the determination of that Development Application.

  • Marketing Approval Application or “MAA” shall mean a New Drug Application (as defined in Title 21 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Section 314.50, et. seq.), or a comparable filing for Marketing Approval (not including pricing or reimbursement approval) in a country, in each case with respect to a Product in the Territory.

  • Shop application means application of a coating to a product or a component of a product in or on the premises of a factory or a shop as part of a manufacturing, production, or repairing process (e.g., original equipment manufacturing coatings).

  • Planning Application means the application for [outline/full] planning permission dated [ ] bearing the Council’s reference number [ ];

  • SAP Application(s) means all Packages (i.e. all Software and Third Party Software) licensed under a Software Contrac and/or SAP cloud services for which Licensee has a valid subscription, excluding User Interfaces for ERP, SAP Technology Solutions and all database Packages.

  • Practical application means to manufacture in the case of a composition or product, to practice in the case of a process or method, or to operate in the case of a machine or system; and in each case, under these conditions as to establish that the invention is being utilized and that its benefits are to the extent permitted by law or Government regulations available to the public on reasonable terms.

  • Commercial applicator means a person, corporation, or employee of a person or corporation who enters into a contract or an agreement for the sake of monetary payment and agrees to perform a service by applying a pesticide but does not include a farmer trading work with another, a person employed by a farmer not solely as a pesticide applicator who applies pesticide as an incidental part of the person’s general duties, or a person who applies pesticide as an incidental part of a custom farming operation.

  • Creation Application means an application by a Participating Dealer for the creation and issue of Units in an Application Unit size (or whole multiples thereof) in accordance with the Operating Guidelines and the Trust Deed.

  • Marketing Authorization Application or “MAA” means an application to the appropriate Regulatory Authority for approval to sell the Product (but excluding Pricing Approval) in any particular country or regulatory jurisdiction.

  • Drug Approval Application means a New Drug Application as defined in the FFDCA or any corresponding foreign application in the Territory, including, with respect to the European Union, a Marketing Authorization Application filed with the EMA pursuant to the centralized approval procedure or with the applicable Regulatory Authority of a country in Europe with respect to the mutual recognition or any other national approval.

  • Application Process means the online application process under which the Applicant applies for Hospitality Packages on the Webshop.

  • Project Application means an application submitted for a program to demonstrate that a proposed project qualifies for C-PACER financing and for a C-PACER assessment and lien;

  • Mobile Application means a specialized software program downloaded onto a wireless communication device.

  • Third-Party Applications means online, Web-based applications and offline software products that are provided by third parties and are identified as third-party applications, including but not limited to those listed on the AppExchange and the Reseller Application.

  • Client Application means an application developed by Licensee that a) utilizes the Runtime Product, b) is installed fully on an end user’s machine, with all report processing local to that machine, and c) adds significant and primary functionality to the Runtime Product.

  • Assignment Application has the meaning set forth in Section 4(b) above.

  • Additional Indication means any indication other than the Initial Indication.

  • L/C Application means an application and agreement for the issuance or amendment of a Letter of Credit in the form from time to time in use by the L/C Issuer.

  • Patent Application means an application for patent protection for a CRADA Subject Invention with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“U.S.P.T.O.”) or the corresponding patent-issuing authority of another nation.

  • Transfer Application means an application and agreement for transfer of Units in the form set forth on the back of a Certificate or in a form substantially to the same effect in a separate instrument.