Purchased definition

Purchased means the date shown on the front of the cashed check, the date of the financial transaction, or the date on the engine purchasing agreement, whichever is earliest.
Purchased or the like is understood to be a reference in fact to the program being licensed.
Purchased has a correlative meaning.

Examples of Purchased in a sentence

The tenderer shall submit Non-Judicial Stamp Paper Purchased only from treasury (as per stamp act and G.O. dated 14-08-2002 if I.G. Registration) of following value.

See "Risk Factors".PLAN OF DISTRIBUTIONPursuant to the Underwriting Agreement, the Underwriter has agreed to purchase, as principal, and the Corporation has agreed to issue and sell, subject to compliance with all necessary legal requirements and pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Underwriting Agreement, on the Closing Date, an aggregate of 9,350,000 Purchased Shares at the Offering Price, payable in cash to the Corporation against delivery of the Purchased Shares.

Buyer shall pay in a timely manner all Taxes resulting from or payable in connection with the sale of the Purchased Assets (“Transfer Taxes”) and the party hereto required by Applicable Law shall properly prepare and file all Tax Returns related thereto.

Except as set forth on Schedule 5.7, (i) the Purchased Assets are owned by Seller free and clear of all Liens, and (ii) there exists no condition affecting the title to or use of any part of the Purchased Assets which would prevent Buyer from using or enforcing its rights with respect to any part of the Purchased Assets to the same extent that Seller could continue to do so if the transactions contemplated hereby did not take place.

Purchased or constructed capital assets are reported at cost or estimated historical cost.

More Definitions of Purchased

Purchased means that the equipment has been acquired by the owner or operator of an existing 944 medical care facility or the developer of a proposed medical care facility, or the owner or operator of 945 the facility or the developer can present evidence of a legal obligation to acquire the equipment in the 946 form of an executed contract or appropriately signed order or requisition and payment has been made in 947 full by June 30, 1992.
Purchased means the date in which the certified business commits to buying an item.
Purchased means the past tense of Purchase.
Purchased means Wallboard that was invoiced during the relevant period as reflected in the transactional data and documents of Defendants.
Purchased means to acquire a license to use a Product under the terms and conditions of this Agreement and a valid Purchase Order, and/or to acquire a right to receive services under the SLA (as defined below). Under no conditions shall the term “Purchase” be construed as a transfer or assignment of any copyrights to You.
Purchased means purchased, leased, borrowed, obtained by gift or otherwise acquired.