Definition of 2047 Exchange Notes

2047 Exchange Notes means notes issued by the Company hereunder containing terms identical to the 2047 Original Notes (except (i) that interest thereon shall accrue from the last date on which interest was paid on the 2047 Original Notes or, if no such interest has been paid, from the Original Issue Date, (ii) that the legend or legends relating to transferability and other related matters set forth on the 2047 Original Notes, including the Private Placement Legend, shall be removed or appropriately altered and (iii) as otherwise set forth herein), to be offered to Holders of 2047 Original Notes in exchange for 2047 Exchange Notes pursuant to the Exchange Offer.

2047 Exchange Notes means the 4.080% Senior Notes due 2047, of the same series under the Indenture as the 2047 Notes, to be issued to Holders in exchange for 2047 Notes pursuant to this Agreement.

Examples of 2047 Exchange Notes in a sentence

Each of the 2027 Exchange Notes and the 2047 Exchange Notes shall be substantially in the form of Exhibit B.
The Trustee, upon written order of the Company signed by one officer of the Company, together with the other documents required by Section 15.08, shall authenticate 2027 Exchange Notes and 2047 Exchange Notes; provided that such 2027 Exchange Notes and 2047 Exchange Notes shall be issuable only upon the valid surrender for cancellation of the 2027 Original Notes and 2047 Original Notes, as applicable, of a like aggregate principal amount in accordance with the Exchange Offer.