Quarterly Services Sample Clauses

Quarterly Services a. Thoroughly clean and reseal all ceramic tile floors, using approved sealers.
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Quarterly Services. 1. Perform all high dusting, which includes all vertical surfaces such as walls, partitions, Venetian blinds and other surfaces not reached in nightly cleaning.
Quarterly Services. 1. Thoroughly scrub and refinish all resilient floors with a slip retardant floor finish.
Quarterly Services a. Steam clean, machine scrub or pressure wash exterior sidewalks and plaza areas associated with the Buildings.
Quarterly Services i. All exterior windows will be cleaned. EXHIBIT H SIGNAGE CRITERIA SIGN CRITERIA
Quarterly Services a. Clean and reseal all ceramic tile floors, using approved sealers. MAIN BUILDING LOBBY, ELEVATOR LOBBIES AND PUBLIC CORRIDORS To be performed by Day Pxxxxx and Night Janitors
Quarterly Services. Ceramic Tile Floors, Etc. ------------------------- 1. Strip and re-coat all tile floors.
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Quarterly Services. 1. Vacuum all fabric furniture.
Quarterly Services. Clean all ceiling vents and grills. · Dust and clean light fixtures and covers. · Strip and wax common area floors.
Quarterly Services a. Machine scrub or steam clean exterior sidewalk areas. RECORDING REQUESTED BY,) AND WHEN RECORDED,) RETURN TO: ) ) Xxxxxxxx Properties Acquisition ) Partners, L.P. ) 0000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Suite 100 ) Oakland, CA 94612 ) SUBORDINATION OF DEED OF TRUST XXXXXXXX PROPERTIES ACQUISITION PARTNERS, L.P., as owner and holder of that certain promissory note dated October 31, 1 986, in the principal sum of Forty Million Dollars ($40,000,000) and of a certain Deed of Trust of even date therewith and securing the said Note, recorded on October 3, 1986, in Series No. 86-270538 Official Records, Alameda County, California (as amended, increased, renewed, extended, spread, consolidated, severed, restated or otherwise changed from time to time), now a first lien upon the premises more particularly demised and described in that certain Lease dated January 1, 1998, by and between PC Oakland Associates Ltd., a California limited partnership, as Lessor, and World Savings and Loan Association, a federal savings and loan association, as Lessee, (the "Lease") and upon other property, all as described in Exhibit A attached hereto, in consideration of such leasing and of the sum of One ($1.00) Dollar and other good and valuable consideration, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged. DOES hereby covenant and agree that the said Deed of Trust is hereby SUBORDINATED and shall remain SUBORDINATED to the said Lease. EXCEPT, HOWEVER, It is nevertheless expressly agreed that the Deed of Trust shall be prior to the Lease as to the following:
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