VRH Sample Clauses

VRH. ° ~ ~ ~ ~
VRH. There are no leave trees or RFRS trees in this unit.
VRH. The stand characteristics throughout West Bell showed a variable timber type with minor vegetation throughout the understory. West Bell VRH units cruised out at 40,690 bf per acre of sawlog volume and all live timber showed excellent form. The species composition consists of Xxxxxxx fir, Western Hemlock, Pacific Silver fir, Western Red Cedar, and scattered hardwoods. The Xxxxxxx fir made up 14% of the unit volume amounting to 959 mbf. The average DBH in the Xxxxxxx fir was 26 inches and had an average bole length of 94 feet. Western Hemlock and Pacific Silver fir made up 80% of the unit volume amounting to 5,588 mbf. The average DBH in the white wood was 18 inches and had an average bole length of 77 feet. Western Red Cedar was scattered throughout the unit amounting to 363 mbf. The average DBH in the WRC was 17 inches and had an average bole length of 60 feet. WRC pole volume was cruised amounting to 88 mbf. All pole volume cruised was in distribution lengths. Also observed while conducting the cruise was an estimated 30 cords of dead and down cedar logs suitable for shake and shingle recovery. Xxxxxxx fir Sorts: CNS - 23 mbf 8-11" - 135 mbf 12-15" - 205 mbf 16-19" - 256 mbf 20"+ - 340 mbf White Wood Sorts: CNS - 861 mbf 8-11" - 1,826 mbf 12-15" - 2,045 mbf 16-19" - 814 mbf 20"+ - 42 mbf VDT: Thin to an average spacing of 20' x 20' while prioritizing take trees based off the schedule B thinning prescription. Take trees were established and the thinning prescription was applied out in the field while conducting the cruise. The VDT units consist of a uniform Western Hemlock, Pacific Silver fir, and scattered hardwood timber type with good operator ground. The VDT units cruised out at 8 bf per acre of sawlog volume with good form and minor defect.
VRH. 20.5 - VDT: 9.2 Xxxx 0 (Bollard) " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " XX-XX > > > ~ ~ ~ >
VRH. 14.1 - VDT: 1.2 7 ~ ~ ~ > 48°39.5'N 2007 35 ~
VRH. 31.4 - 8 ~ ~ ~ ]%4 ~ ~ > > ~ ~ ~ ~ 48°34'N ~ 00 XXX0x0 XXX00-00 XXX00 XX-00 ~ ¦ > ~¦ > ~ ~ ~ ¦ ~¦ ~ ¦ ~ ¦ LTA24-25 > ~ QBF22]%5 QBF29 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ¦ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ > > ~ > ~ ~ ~ > ~ ¦ ~ ¦ ~ ¦ Text QBD133 ~ ~ ~ 48°34'N 179+8 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ QB]D%5 118 k ]%5 LTA26-27QBD127 > ~ Sk agit > > > > > > QBD121 > ]%4 QBF26 ~ > ~ ~ ~ > ¦ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Ý k 18+66 ~ > ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ > ~ ~ ~ QBD]%4123 ~ ~ LTA28-29 ¦ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ¦ QBD124 0 QBD135 > > > Right of Way 0.6ac 2 XXX00 XX>X00 0 250 ~ 500 1,000 1,500 Feet " " " " "

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