The Credit Extensions Sample Clauses

The Credit Extensions. The Credit Extensions made by each Lender shall be evidenced by one or more accounts or records maintained by such Lender and by the Administrative Agent in the ordinary course of business. The accounts or records maintained by the Administrative Agent and each Lender shall be conclusive absent demonstrable error of the amount of the Credit Extensions made by the Lenders to the Borrower and the interest and payments thereon. Any failure to so record or any error in doing so shall not, however, limit or otherwise affect the obligation of the Borrowers hereunder to pay any amount owing with respect to the Obligations. In the event of any conflict between the accounts and records maintained by any Lender and the accounts and records of the Administrative Agent in respect of such matters, the accounts and records of the Administrative Agent shall control in the absence of demonstrable error. Upon the request of any Lender made through the Administrative Agent, the Borrowers shall execute and deliver to such Lender (through the Administrative Agent) a Note, which shall evidence such Lender’s Loans in addition to such accounts or records. Each Lender may attach schedules to its Note and endorse thereon the date, Type (if applicable), amount and maturity of its Loans and payments with respect thereto.
The Credit Extensions. (a) Each Credit Extension, each conversion of Loans from one Type to the other, and each continuation of Eurodollar Rate Loans shall be made upon the Borrower’s irrevocable written notice to the Administrative Agent. In order to request any Credit Extension, the Borrower shall notify the Administrative Agent by delivery of a written Request for Credit Extension or by telephone, not later than 11:00 a.m. (i) two (2) Business Days prior to the requested date of such Credit Extension or continuation of Eurodollar Rate Loans or any conversion of Base Rate Loans to Eurodollar Rate Loans and (ii) one (1) Business Day prior to the requested date of any Credit Extension of Base Rate Loans, or such shorter time as may be agreed between the Administrative Agent and the Borrower. Each telephonic notice by the Borrower pursuant to this Section 2.02(a) must be confirmed promptly by electronic delivery to the Administrative Agent of a written
The Credit Extensions 

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Conditions of Credit Extensions The obligations of the Lenders to make Loans hereunder are subject to the satisfaction of the following conditions:
All Credit Extensions The obligation of each Lender and, if applicable, the Issuer, to make any Credit Extension (including its initial Credit Extension) shall be subject to the satisfaction of each of the conditions precedent set forth in this Section 5.2.
Each Credit Extension The Lenders shall not (except as otherwise set forth in Section 2.4(d) with respect to Revolving Loans for the purpose of repaying Swing Line Loans) be required to make any Credit Extension unless on the applicable Borrowing Date:
Credit Extensions Borrower promises to pay to the order of Bank, in lawful money of the United States of America, the aggregate unpaid principal amount of all Credit Extensions made by Bank to Borrower hereunder. Borrower shall also pay interest on the unpaid principal amount of such Credit Extensions at rates in accordance with the terms hereof.
The Commitments and Credit Extensions 2.01 The Loans.
Commitments and Credit Extensions 2.01Loans.
Conditions to Credit Extensions The obligations of Lenders and Issuing Lenders to make Credit Extensions hereunder are subject to the satisfaction (or waiver) of the following conditions.
Conditions to all Credit Extensions The obligation of each Lender to honor any Request for Credit Extension (other than a Committed Loan Notice requesting only a conversion of Committed Loans to the other Type, or a continuation of Eurodollar Rate Loans) is subject to the following conditions precedent:
Incremental Credit Extensions (a) At any time and from time to time, subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, the Loan Parties may, by notice to the Administrative Agent (whereupon the Administrative Agent shall promptly deliver a copy to each of the Lenders), request to increase the amount of Term B Loans of any Class or add one or more additional tranches of term loans (any such Term B Loans or additional tranche of term loans, the “Incremental Term Loans”) and/or one or more increases in the Revolving Credit Commitments under the Revolving Credit Facility (a “Revolving Credit Commitment Increase”) and/or the establishment of one or more new revolving credit commitments (an “Additional Revolving Credit Commitment” and, together any Revolving Credit Commitment Increases, the “Incremental Revolving Credit Commitments”; together with the Incremental Term Loans, the “Incremental Facilities”). Notwithstanding anything to contrary herein, the aggregate Dollar Equivalent amount of all Incremental Facilities (other than Refinancing Term Loans and Refinancing Revolving Credit Commitments) (determined at the time of incurrence), together with the aggregate principal amount of all Incremental Equivalent Debt and Indebtedness incurred in reliance on Section 7.03(r)(ii)(A), shall not exceed the Incremental Cap. Each Incremental Facility shall be in an integral multiple of $1,000,000 and be in an aggregate principal amount that is not less than $10,000,000 in case of Incremental Term Loans or $5,000,000 in case of Incremental Revolving Credit Commitments, provided that such amount may be less than the applicable minimum amount if such amount represents all the remaining availability hereunder as set forth above. Each Incremental Facility shall have the same guarantees as, and to the extent secured, shall be secured only by (and on an equal or junior priority basis with) the Collateral securing, all of the other Loan Obligations under this Agreement (provided that, in the case of any Incremental Facility that is funded into Escrow, such Incremental Facility may be secured by the applicable funds and related assets held in Escrow (and the proceeds thereof) until such Incremental Facility is released from Escrow) and shall be subject to an Acceptable Intercreditor Agreement.
Initial Credit Extension The obligations of the Lenders and, if applicable, the Issuer to fund the initial Credit Extension shall be subject to the prior or concurrent satisfaction of each of the conditions precedent set forth in this Section 5.1.