Tender Documents Sample Clauses

Tender Documents. 2.1 The tender documents which a Tenderer should review to prepare a tender consist of all Contract Documents listed in Schedule 1 entitled "Schedule of Contract Documents". Schedule 1 is attached to the Contract Agreement which is included as part of the tender package. The Contract Documents include the Drawings listed in Schedule 2 of the Agreement, entitled "List of Drawings".
Tender Documents. Add the following: “The following documents form part of this tender: VOLUME 1: The General Conditions of Contract for Construction Works (Third Edition) 2015 as published by the South African Institution of Civil Engineering. This publication is available and tenderers must obtain copies at their own cost from the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (XXXXX), Private Bag X200, Halfway House 1685, Tel : (000) 000 0000, Fax : (011) 000 0000, e-mail :xxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xxx.xx.
Tender Documents. 3.1 It is the sole responsibility of the Tenderer to examine and understand the Tender Documents and to verify their completeness. In the event that there are any page(s) or document(s) obviously missing from or erroneously inserted in the documents supplied to the Tenderer, the Tenderer shall apply in good time to the Company to have any such discrepancy rectified, and in any event, well before the Tender Closing Date.
Tender Documents. Complete set of documents along with addendum/ corrigendum, if any, issued duly filled in and initialled on each page and signed by the tenderers at prescribed places of the tender documents including signature of witness.
Tender Documents. 2.1 The work has to be carried out strictly according to the conditions stipulated in the tender consisting of the following documents and the most workmen like manner. Instructions to tenderers General conditions of Contract Special conditions of Contract Priced bid
Tender Documents. The tender documents issued by the Employer comprise those listed in the contents page. The Tender Document and the drawings can be obtained from the Employer at the physical address stated in the Tender Notice upon payment of the fee stated in the Tender Notice.
Tender Documents. The Tender Document (this document), issued by the Client and comprising the following parts: Part T: The Tender Part T1: Tendering Procedures T1.1 Tender notice and invitation to tender T1.2 Tender Data Part T2: Returnable Documents
Tender Documents. The Administrative Agent shall have received copies of all of the documentation in connection with the Tender Offer (including, without limitation, if applicable, the Senior Notes Amendment) and such documentation shall be in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent.