Subsequent Sample Clauses

Subsequent. Option Grants and the shares issuable upon exercise thereof, shall be considered to have vested, or will vest, for purposes of Section 2, on the same dates and in the same percentages as the Initial Option Shares vest.
Subsequent. (a) completion of the General and Specific Conditions Precedent as per Annex 1; and
Subsequent costs The Borrower must pay to the Agent promptly on demand the amount of all costs and expenses (including legal fees, subject to any agreed caps) reasonably incurred by it in connection with: (a) the negotiation, preparation, printing and execution of any Finance Document (other than a Transfer Certificate or Assignment Agreement) executed after the date of this Agreement; and (b) any amendment, waiver or consent requested by or on behalf of the Borrower or specifically allowed by this Agreement. 25.3 Enforcement costs The Borrower must pay to each Finance Party the amount of all costs and expenses (including legal fees) incurred by it in connection with the enforcement of, or the preservation of any rights under, any Finance Document. 26.
Subsequent wells drilled after the first two wells on the Contract Acreage shall require Pioneer to either farmout its interest on a well by well basis under Article VI herein or participate or not participate for its interest in the well pursuant to the provisions contained in the Operating Agreement.
Subsequent. Article 6.2.1
Subsequent. Development Within a Producing Unit", without the written consent of the other party hereto.
Subsequent. Executive covenants and agrees to be bound by the restrictive covenants and agreements contained in this Section 8 to the maximum extent permitted by Florida law, it being the intent and spirit of the parties that the restrictive covenants and agreements contained in this Agreement shall be valid and enforceable in all respects, and, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Executive’s compliance with the covenants contained in Section 8(a) is mutually dependent upon and a condition subsequent to the Company’s obligation to make the payments described in Section 3 of this Agreement and such payments shall immediately cease upon any breach of Section 8(a). Likewise, if Executive commences any action in court or in arbitration challenging the validity of, seeking to invalidate or otherwise seeking some sort of declaration that the covenants and agreements in Section 8(a) are void, voidable or invalid, the Company’s obligations to make the payments described in Section 3 of this Agreement shall immediately cease as of the time of the commencement of such action or proceeding. If the Company does not discover Executive’s breach of Section 8(a) or the commencement of any such action or arbitration proceedings until after one or more payments under Section 3 have been made to Executive, Executive shall be obligated to immediately return all such payments to the Company that were paid and received after the breach of Section 8(a).
Subsequent to its filing and prior to its effective date without liability to the Holder, other than to pay expenses pursuant to Section 1.4. -----------
Subsequent. The obligation of each Lender to continue to make Loans on the occasion of any Borrowing, and of the Issuing Bank to continue to issue, amend, renew or extend any Letter of Credit, is subject to the fulfillment, on or before the date applicable thereto, of the following conditions subsequent (the failure by any Loan Party to so perform or cause to be performed such conditions subsequent as and when required by the terms thereof (unless such date is extended, in writing, by Administrative Agent, which Administrative Agent may do without obtaining the consent of the other Lenders or the Issuing Bank), shall constitute an Event of Default: