Compliance and Enforcement Sample Clauses

Compliance and Enforcement. If Contractor willfully fails to comply with any of the provisions of the LBE Ordinance, the rules and regulations implementing the LBE Ordinance, or the provisions of this Agreement pertaining to LBE participation, Contractor shall be liable for liquidated damages in an amount equal to Contractor’s net profit on this Agreement, or 10% of the total amount of this Agreement, or $1,000, whichever is greatest. The Director of the City’s Human Rights Commission or any other public official authorized to enforce the LBE Ordinance (separately and collectively, the “Director of HRC”) may also impose other sanctions against Contractor authorized in the LBE Ordinance, including declaring the Contractor to be irresponsible and ineligible to contract with the City for a period of up to five years or revocation of the Contractor’s LBE certification. The Director of HRC will determine the sanctions to be imposed, including the amount of liquidated damages, after investigation pursuant to Administrative Code §14B.17. By entering into this Agreement, Contractor acknowledges and agrees that any liquidated damages assessed by the Director of the HRC shall be payable to City upon demand. Contractor further acknowledges and agrees that any liquidated damages assessed may be withheld from any monies due to Contractor on any contract with City. Contractor agrees to maintain records necessary for monitoring its compliance with the LBE Ordinance for a period of three years following termination or expiration of this Agreement, and shall make such records available for audit and inspection by the Director of HRC or the Controller upon request.
Compliance and Enforcement a. The Contractor shall be subject to the COMPLIANCE AND ENFORCEMENT section of the M/WBE Program Policy and Administrative Procedures and Contract Provisions. If upon approval, the Contractor acknowledges and accepts that any failure to comply with any material term or condition of an approved compliance plan or applicable provision of the M/WBE Program Policy and Administrative Procedures, and Contract Provisions, including failure to satisfactorily address the project goal, maintain participation commitments or otherwise comply with any applicable requirements.
Compliance and Enforcement. 1. These provisions address the additional contractual remedies available to the Airport Board as a result of the Contractor’s failure to comply with the obligations set forth in the M/WBE Program Policy and Administrative Procedures. The contractual remedies set forth are also applicable to the Contractor’s failure to comply with the Program requirements, as well as any remedies available at law or in equity. These remedies are not intended to apply to the Contractor’s failure to comply with other obligations under the Contract unrelated to the Program requirements or preclude Airport Board’s recovery of its actual damages for such unrelated breaches.
Compliance and Enforcement. Contractor is subject to the compliance, enforcement and civil monetary penalties provisions at 45 C.F.R., Part 160, Subparts C and D.
Compliance and Enforcement. The power of WECC to enforce Member obligations other than compliance with Reliability Standards and other obligations arising under 18 C.F.R. Part 39 and applicable Canadian and Mexican regulatory requirements is limited to suspension or termination of membership as set forth in this Section; provided, however, that: 1) nothing in this Section will limit the power of Members to agree to additional enforcement provisions in separate contracts (such as contracts pursuant to the Reliability Management System); 2) nothing in this Section will limit the power of WECC to propose solutions regarding Market Interface issues to any Applicable Regulatory Authority as described in Section 2.1.10; and 3) nothing in this Section will limit WECC’s delegated authority under Section 215 of the Federal Power Act and 18 C.F.R. Part 39 and applicable Canadian and Mexican regulatory requirements to enforce reliability standards and perform other delegated or contractual functions within the Western Interconnection. The Board may suspend or, to the extent consistent with applicable law, terminate the membership of any Member for a material failure to meet any obligation of membership set forth in these Bylaws, including, but not limited to: 1) non-payment of dues sixty (60) days after the dues become delinquent; 2) intentionally or repeatedly violating any WECC Bylaw; 3) materially breaching or intentionally violating any FERC order or arbitration decision issued pursuant to these Bylaws; 4) willfully obstructing any lawful purpose or activity of WECC; or 5) remaining inactive as described in Section 5.9. The Board will give the affected Member not less than twenty-one (21) days prior written notice of any proposed suspension or termination, which will include the specific basis for the proposed action and, if applicable, instructions on curing the problem. Prior to terminating a membership, the Board will consider any information provided by the Member in response to the notice described herein.
Compliance and Enforcement. All corporate officers, members of the Supply and Trading groups, marketers involved with futures / forward transactions, Middle Office staff and managerial personnel in Back Office functions involved with risk management activities are required to sign the Risk Management Policy. Signing the Employee Confirmation form for this Risk Management Policy confirms that the employee has read and understands the risk controls and standards as they relate to Xxxxxxx’x Supply / Trading and Marketing business. Signing of new Employee Confirmations will be required whenever a significant update of the Risk Management Policy is completed. The CRO will work with the various applicable managers to ensure that all pertinent staff members meet this requirement. Compliance with these standards is an employment requirement and will be considered in each individual’s overall performance evaluation. This includes the execution of day-to-day responsibilities by all personnel discussed as having energy risk management duties, as well as compliance with the Risk Management and Control Documents in their entirety. Any incidence of non-compliance with this Policy may be considered a violation, and subject to possible sanctions as outlined in Section 3.2.
Compliance and Enforcement. The Contractor is responsible for informing its subcontractor(s) and supplier(s) as to their respective obligations hereunder. It is further understood that for the purposes of indemnification to DSDP for this Agreement, the Contractor shall assume all responsibility of any and all of its subcontractors and suppliers as if they were employees of the Contractor’s organization.
Compliance and Enforcement. 1. Whenever either agency receives a complaint about an OSTDS, the appropriate CHD will be notified so that the complaint may be investigated by that CHD. The CHD, DEP district office, or local program having regulatory responsibility over the system shall take appropriate enforcement action.
Compliance and Enforcement. 21.1 Where a project proceeds under an EA Certificate, the EAO will assign a primary contact for Lake Xxxxxx in relation to the project, and who is responsible for: