STATE OF KANSAS Sample Clauses

STATE OF KANSAS. This Agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of Kansas, without regard to the conflict of laws provisions in such state. Any disputes arising under this Agreement between the Parties shall be decided by a court of competent jurisdiction in Bourbon County.
STATE OF KANSAS. COUNTY OF SS This instrument was acknowledged before me on , 19 , by as President of HAVILAND TELEPHONE COMPANY, INC., a Kansas corporation. Notary Public (Notarial Seal) My appointment expires: DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA SS This instrument was acknowledged before me on r 19 . by Acting Assistant Administrator - Telecommunications-program of the Rural Utilities Service of the United States of America and as Acting Assistant Governor of the Rural Telephone Bank. Notary Public (Notarial Seal) My commission expires: Exhibit One (Exhibit to Mortgage) UNIFORM SYSTEM OF ACCOUNTS ACCOUNT NUMBERS USED IN CERTAIN PROVISIONS THIS EXHIBIT CONSISTS OF 2 PAGES All references regarding account numbers are to 47 CLR Part 32 and supplementary accounts required by RUS. ACCOUNT NUMBERS ACCOUNT NAMES CLASS A CLASS B
STATE OF KANSAS. Seller has full power and authority to enter into this Agreement and the other Transactional Agreements, to carry out its respective obligations hereunder and to consummate the Transactions. The execution, delivery and performance by Seller of this Agreement and other Transactional Agreements and the consummation of the Transactions have been duly authorized by all requisite action on the part of the equity owners of Seller. The individuals executing this Agreement and the other Transactional Agreements on behalf of Seller are authorized to execute this Agreement and such other Transactional Agreements. This Agreement and the other Transactional Agreements have been duly executed and delivered by Seller, and (assuming due authorization, execution and delivery by Buyer) this Agreement and the other Transactional Agreements constitute legal, valid and binding obligations of Seller, enforceable against Seller in accordance with their respective terms, except to the extent that the enforceability may be limited by bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization, moratorium or similar Laws, or by equitable principles relating to the rights of creditors generally. There are no corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, associations or other Entities in which Seller owns, of record or beneficially, any direct or indirect equity or other interest or any right (contingent or otherwise) to acquire the same.
STATE OF KANSAS. Xxxxxxxx X. Xxxxxx, Secretary Date Kansas Department of Health and Environment


  • Georgia Coverage is effective upon the expiration of the shortest portion of the manufacturer’s warranty. In the “WHAT IS NOT COVERED” section of this Agreement, exclusion (E) is removed and replaced with: Any and all pre-existing conditions known by You that occur prior to the effective date of this Agreement and/or any sold “AS- IS” including but not limited to floor models, demonstration models, etc. CANCELLATION section is amended as follows: If You cancel after thirty (30) days of receipt of Your Agreement, You will receive a pro rata refund of the Agreement price. In the event of cancellation by US, notice of such cancellation will be in writing and given at least thirty (30) days prior to cancellation. Cancellation will comply with Section 33-24-44 of the Code of Georgia. Claims paid and cancellation fees shall not be deducted from any refund owed as a result of cancellation. Any refund owed and not paid as required is subject to a penalty equal to twenty-five percent (25%) of the refund owed and interest of eighteen percent (18%) per year until paid; however, such penalty shall not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the amount of the refund. We may not cancel this Agreement except for fraud, material misrepresentation, or non-payment by You. ARBITRATION section of this Agreement is removed.

  • Nevada As used herein, NEVADA means the applicable above listed ILEC doing business in Nevada.

  • Texas If You purchased this Agreement in Texas, unresolved complaints or questions concerning the regulations of service contracts may be addressed to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, X.X. Xxx 00000, Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 00000, telephone number (000) 000-0000 or (000) 000-0000. Obligor: 4warranty Corporation, 00000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxx. 000, Xxxxx 000, Xxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx 00000 (800-867-2216) Lic #275. CANCELLATION section is amended as follows: You, the Service Agreement Holder may apply for reimbursement directly to the insurer if a refund or credit is not paid before the 46th day after the date on which Your Agreement is returned to the provider.

  • Massachusetts CANCELLATION section is amended as follows: The provider shall mail a written notice to the Service Agreement Holder, including the effective date of the cancellation and the reason for the cancellation at the last known address of the Service Agreement Holder contained in the records of the provider at least five (5) days prior to cancellation by the provider unless the reason for cancellation is nonpayment of the provider fee, material misrepresentation or a substantial breach of duties by the Service Agreement Holder relating to the Covered Product or its use. A ten percent (10%) penalty per month shall be applied to refunds not paid or credited within thirty (30) days of receipt of returned Service Agreement.

  • Oklahoma This Agreement is not a contract of insurance. Coverage afforded under this contract is not guaranteed by the Oklahoma Insurance Guaranty Association. CANCELLATION section is amended as follows: In the event You cancel this Agreement, return of premium shall be based upon ninety percent (90%) of the unearned pro rata premium, less any claims that have been paid or less the cost of repairs made on Your behalf. In the event We cancel this Agreement, return of premium shall be based upon one hundred percent (100%) of unearned pro rata premium, less any claims that have been paid or less the cost of repairs made on Your behalf. ARBITRATION – While arbitration is mandatory, the outcome of any arbitration shall be non-binding on the parties, and either party shall, following arbitration, have the right to reject the arbitration award and bring suit in a district court of Oklahoma.

  • Requirements of the State of Kansas 1. The contractor shall observe the provisions of the Kansas Act against Discrimination (Kansas Statutes Annotated 44-1001, et seq.) and shall not discriminate against any person in the performance of work under the present contract because of race, religion, color, sex, disability, and age except where age is a bona fide occupational qualification, national origin or ancestry;

  • Laws of the State of New York The Contractor shall comply with all of the requirements set forth in Exhibit C hereto.

  • Massachusetts Law This Agreement and all rights and obligations hereunder, including matters of construction, validity, and performance, shall be governed by the laws of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

  • Indiana There is no Mortgage Loan that was originated on or after January 1, 2005, which is a "high cost home loan" as defined under the Indiana Home Loan Practices Act (I.C. 24-9).

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