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Sign Language. Recommended Budget Year to be Addressed: 2021 Estimated:o Project costs: To be determinedo Ongoing operation costs: to be determined Barrier Type: CommunicationDepartment: Library Method of Addressing:o The Library will investigate training opportunities for Library staff to enable them to communicate with users at the central service desk and at programs.o We will reach out to other libraries for examples of how they are working with those who have communication barriers.2018-2022 Accessibility Plan – Barrier Achievements to Date‌Contents2018-2022 Accessibility Plan – Barrier Achievements to Date 1Contents 11.0 Town Accessibility Barrier Achievements 2001 to Date 21.1 Year Addressed – 2020 31.2 Year Addressed – 2019 51.3 Year Addressed – 2018 61.4 Year Addressed – 2017 71.5 Year Addressed – 2016 91.6 Year Addressed – 2015 101.7 Year Addressed – 2014 111.8 Year Addressed – 2013 141.9 Year Addressed – 2012 211.10 Year Addressed – 2011 281.11 Year Addressed – 2010 331.12 Year Addressed – 2009 361.13 Year Addressed – 2008 381.14 Year Addressed – 2007 401.15 Year Addressed – 2006 421.16 Year Addressed – 2005 441.17 Year Addressed – 2004 461.18 Year Addressed – 2003 481.19 Year Addressed – Pre 2003 501.0 Town Accessibility Barrier Achievements 2001 to DateThe Town has implemented a number of initiatives since the publication of the 2003 Accessibility Plan to eliminate barriers and to make the municipality more accessible. Barriers identified and addressed with further details of these initiatives can be found below.The Town was the recipient of the “Ontario Mainstreet Accessibility Award 2006” for outstanding achievement in and promotion of universal access and diversity by successfully hosting the Provincial Winter Paralympic Championships. The awards program was developed through partnership through the Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas (TABIA) and the Ontario Business Improvement Areas Association (OBIAA) and the Ontario Government. The awards were created to recognize the efforts of small businesses and communities in Ontario that have significantly improved accessibility and reduced barriers for people with disabilities.1.1 Year Addressed – 2021 Site Plan Guidelines• Department: Building/Planning• Barrier Type: Architectural and Physical• Method of Addressing: An accessibility checklist was developed by the Accessibility Advisory Committee to assist staff in their review of all site plans. This will also be incorporated into new Community P...
Sign Language. Hearing-impaired citizens with access to television benefit greatly from the sign language that is provided on news programs of the NBC. Civic and voter education materials prepared for television audiences by ECN and NID should follow this example by including sign language interpretation.
Sign Language. The hand is one of the organs that people often use to express their emotions, and sign language isalso calledspecial language” because gestures can convey messages directly. Body language plays an important role in business communication. The same gesture will be understood differently in different cultural backgrounds, and the use of gesture language just reflects those different cultural backgrounds give different communicative functions to gestures. Therefore, use of sign language in formal and informal business situations should be carefully considered.With the long-term exchange of business and trade, the cooperation and exchange between countries has gradually increased, so that at present, there are many gestures that overcome the cultural differences of countries and are endowed with the same meaning, such as: applause to welcome, encourage and identify the speaker; Thumbs-up in most countries and regions is the meaning of praise. Therefore, before cross-cultural business communication, the meaning of sign language should be analyzed and studied in detail in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes affecting the whole business activities.
Sign Language use can be indicated by the @sl.

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  • English Language (a) Any notice given under or in connection with any Finance Document must be in English.

  • Governing Language This Agreement has been negotiated and executed by the parties in English. In the event any translation of this Agreement is prepared for convenience or any other purpose, the provisions of the English version shall prevail.

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  • English Language Learners The School shall provide services to students who are English Language Learners in compliance with all applicable federal and State laws, regulations, rules, court orders, policies, procedures, and guidance, all as may be amended from time to time, to ensure linguistic accessibility to the School's educational program. The Commission shall provide the School with technical assistance similar to those services received by other public schools. The School shall also assist Immigrant Children and Youth, as defined in Section 3301(6), Title III, Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as the same may be amended from time to time, in meeting the State academic content and student academic achievement standards that all public school students are expected to meet.

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