Serving at the Request of the Corporation Sample Clauses

Serving at the Request of the Corporation. For purposes of this Agreement, if Indemnitee should serve as an officer and/or director, as the case may be, of another corporation, partnership, joint venture, trust or other enterprise (including without limitation employee benefit plans and administrative committees thereof) it will be conclusively presumed in the case of any of the foregoing that are “affiliates” of the Corporation as defined in Rule 12b-2 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended) that Indemnitee was serving at the request of the Corporation.
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Serving at the Request of the Corporation. Without limitation of any indemnification provided by paragraph 1, any person referred to in paragraph 1 serving (a) another corporation, partnership, joint venture or trust of which the majority of the voting power or residual economic interest is held, directly or indirectly, by the Corporation, or (b) any employee benefit plan of the Corporation, in any capacity, shall be deemed to be doing so at the request of the Corporation.

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  • Advance Request To obtain a Term Loan Advance, Borrower shall complete, sign and deliver an Advance Request (at least one (1) Business Day before the Closing Date and at least five (5) Business Days before each Advance Date other than the Closing Date) to Agent. The Lenders shall fund the Term Loan Advance in the manner requested by the Advance Request provided that each of the conditions precedent to such Term Loan Advance is satisfied as of the requested Advance Date.

  • Advance Requests Borrower may request that Lender make an Advance by delivering to Lender an Advance Request therefor and Lender shall be entitled to rely on all the information provided by Borrower to Lender on or with the Advance Request. The Lender may honor Advance Requests, instructions or repayments given by the Borrower (if an individual) or by any Authorized Person.

  • Monthly Disbursements Not more frequently than once per calendar month, Tenant may deliver to Landlord: (i) a request for payment of Tenant’s contractor, approved by Tenant, in AIA G-702/G-703 format or another format reasonably requested by Landlord, showing the schedule of values, by trade, of percentage of completion of the Tenant Improvement Work, detailing the portion of the work completed and the portion not completed (which approved request shall be deemed Tenant’s approval and acceptance of the work and materials described therein); (ii) invoices from all parties providing labor or materials to the Premises; (iii) executed conditional mechanic’s lien releases from all parties providing labor or materials to the Premises (along with unconditional mechanic’s lien releases for any prior payments made pursuant to this paragraph) satisfying California Civil Code § 3262(d); and (iv) all other information reasonably requested by Landlord. Within 30 days after receiving such materials, Landlord shall deliver a check to Tenant, payable jointly to Tenant and its contractor, in the amount of the lesser of (a) the amount requested by Tenant pursuant to the preceding sentence, less a 10% retention (the aggregate amount of such retentions shall be referred to in this Work Letter as the “Final Retention”), or (b) the amount of any remaining portion of the Allowance (not including the Final Retention). Landlord’s payment of such amounts shall not be deemed Landlord’s approval or acceptance of the work or materials described in Tenant’s payment request.

  • Disbursement to Borrower Borrower may request and receive only one borrowing hereunder in respect of the Loan and any amount borrowed and repaid hereunder in respect of the Loan may not be re-borrowed.

  • Requesting Paper Copies If you would like a paper copy of a Communication we previously sent you electronically, you may print it. You may also request that we send you a paper copy by calling, emailing or writing us via any of the methods set forth in the Contacting Us section (Section 4(j)) below. Such a request must identify the specific electronic Communication for which you want a paper copy.

  • Determination to Honor Drawing Request In determining whether to honor any request for drawing under any Letter of Credit by the beneficiary thereof, Agent shall be responsible only to determine that the documents and certificates required to be delivered under such Letter of Credit have been delivered and that they comply on their face with the requirements of such Letter of Credit and that any other drawing condition appearing on the face of such Letter of Credit has been satisfied in the manner so set forth.

  • Notice to Borrower The Agent shall promptly notify the Borrower of the terms (x) of any Money Market Quote submitted by a Bank that is in accordance with subsection (d) and (y) of any Money Market Quote that amends, modifies or is otherwise inconsistent with a previous Money Market Quote submitted by such Bank with respect to the same Money Market Quote Request. Any such subsequent Money Market Quote shall be disregarded by the Agent unless such subsequent Money Market Quote is submitted solely to correct a manifest error in such former Money Market Quote. The Agent's notice to the Borrower shall specify (A) the aggregate principal amount of Money Market Loans for which offers have been received for each Interest Period specified in the related Money Market Quote Request, (B) the respective principal amounts and Money Market Margins or Money Market Absolute Rates, as the case may be, so offered and (C) if applicable, limitations on the aggregate principal amount of Money Market Loans for which offers in any single Money Market Quote may be accepted.

  • Disbursement Requests Except as expressly provided in the Credit Agreement, Administrative Agent must receive Disbursement Requests in writing. Disbursement Requests will only be accepted from the applicable Authorized Representatives designated in the Disbursement Instruction Agreement. Disbursement Requests will be processed subject to satisfactory completion of Administrative Agent’s customer verification procedures. Administrative Agent is only responsible for making a good faith effort to execute each Disbursement Request and may use agents of its choice to execute Disbursement Requests. Funds disbursed pursuant to a Disbursement Request may be transmitted directly to the Receiving Bank, or indirectly to the Receiving Bank through another bank, government agency, or other third party that Administrative Agent considers to be reasonable. Administrative Agent will, in its sole discretion, determine the funds transfer system and the means by which each Disbursement will be made. Administrative Agent may delay or refuse to accept a Disbursement Request if the Disbursement would: (i) violate the terms of this Agreement; (ii) require use of a bank unacceptable to Administrative Agent or Lenders or prohibited by government authority; (iii) cause Administrative Agent or Lenders to violate any Federal Reserve or other regulatory risk control program or guideline; or (iv) otherwise cause Administrative Agent or Lenders to violate any applicable law or regulation.

  • Draw Request At such time as the Borrower shall desire to obtain, subject to the other requirements hereof, a disbursement of any portion of the proceeds of the Loan, the Borrower shall complete, execute and deliver to the City a properly completed draw request in a form designated by the City, together with the General Contractor's Payment Request which shall have been approved by the City's Inspector and by such other documents as the City may request ("Draw Request"), all in such form as the City may require from time to time. No failure or delay on the part of the City to require any such documents or information shall operate in any way so as to waive the City's rights to require all such documents and information at a later time. Draw requests will occur no more often than monthly, only with proper certification of completion from the Architect, and with the xxxxx 0% retainage being paid only after receipt of a Certificate of Occupancy and Release of Liens. All draw disbursements shall be made in accordance with the Escrow and Disbursing Agreement.

  • Disbursement of the Loan Disbursements will be made by and at the discretion of SBA Counsel, in accordance with this Loan Authorization and Agreement and the general requirements of SBA. · Disbursements may be made in increments as needed. · Other conditions may be imposed by SBA pursuant to general requirements of SBA. · Disbursement may be withheld if, in SBA's sole discretion, there has been an adverse change in Borrower's financial condition or in any other material fact represented in the Loan application, or if Borrower fails to meet any of the terms or conditions of this Loan Authorization and Agreement. · NO DISBURSEMENT WILL BE MADE LATER THAN 6 MONTHS FROM THE DATE OF THIS LOAN AUTHORIZATION AND AGREEMENT UNLESS SBA, IN ITS SOLE DISCRETION, EXTENDS THIS DISBURSEMENT PERIOD. PARTIES AFFECTED · This Loan Authorization and Agreement will be binding upon Borrower and Borrower's successors and assigns and will inure to the benefit of SBA and its successors and assigns.

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