Disbursement Requests definition

Disbursement Requests has the meaning set forth in Section 6.9 below.

Examples of Disbursement Requests in a sentence

  • The aggregate dollar amount for such Disbursement Requests shall not exceed the grant amount set forth in Appendix C.

  • Disbursement Requests will only be accepted from the applicable Authorized Representatives designated in the Disbursement Instruction Agreement.

  • Administrative Agent is only responsible for making a good faith effort to execute each Disbursement Request and may use agents of its choice to execute Disbursement Requests.

  • Disbursement Requests will be processed subject to satisfactory completion of Administrative Agent’s customer verification procedures.

  • Disbursement Requests will be final and will not be subject to stop payment or recall; provided that Administrative Agent may, at Borrower’s request, make an effort to effect a stop payment or recall but will incur no liability whatsoever for its failure or inability to do so.

  • Administrative Agent will not execute Disbursement Requests expressed in foreign currency unless permitted by the Credit Agreement.

  • Except as expressly provided in the Credit Agreement, Administrative Agent must receive Disbursement Requests in writing.

  • Borrower agrees to notify Administrative Agent of any errors in the Disbursement of any funds or of any unauthorized or improperly authorized Disbursement Requests within fourteen (14) days after Administrative Agent’s confirmation to Borrower of such Disbursement.

  • Upon notification from the Finance Director as described in Section 3.2(b)(2), deposits to the accounts in the Project Fund corresponding to the applicable series of Bonds may be made from time to time from funds received by the Finance Director from the Owners of the Bonds in the amounts necessary to pay amounts requested in properly completed, signed and approved written Disbursement Requests as described herein.

  • Requests for Disbursement of Program Funding and Compact Implementation Funding for any Disbursement Period will be made by separate Disbursement Requests using the applicable form.

Related to Disbursement Requests

  • Disbursement Request means a disbursement request from the Borrower to the Agent and the Trustee in the form attached hereto as Exhibit D in connection with a disbursement request from the Unfunded Exposure Account in accordance with Section 2.04(d) or a disbursement request from the Principal Collection Account in accordance with Section 2.21, as applicable.

  • Payment request means any request for contract financing payment or invoice payment submitted by the contractor under this contract.

  • Draw Request Any request by the Borrower, pursuant to Section 2.2 of this Agreement, for a disbursement of any portion of the proceeds of the Loan.

  • Disbursement means any Lease Deficit Disbursement, any Unpaid Demand Note Disbursement, any Termination Date Disbursement or any Termination Disbursement under a Multi-Series Letter of Credit, or any combination thereof, as the context may require.

  • Direct Debit Request means the Direct Debit Request between Us and You.

  • Payment Date Advance Reimbursement has the meaning set forth in Section 8.03(a)(iii)(A) of the 20[•]-[•] Servicing Supplement.

  • Disbursement Date is defined in Section 2.6.2.

  • Disbursement Account has the meaning ascribed to it in Section 1.1(e).

  • Final Disbursement Date means the last date on which Lender may make a Disbursement set forth in Section 10 of the Loan Authorization Agreement (including as amended by an Extension) or, if such date is not a Business Day, the next succeeding Business Day; provided, however, to the extent that Lender has not received cash collateral in the amount of the Letter of Credit Obligations or an equivalent full indemnity from Borrower or Guarantor, as applicable, with respect to Letter of Credit Obligations outstanding on the Final Disbursement Date, the Final Disbursement Date with respect to an advance to fund a drawing under such Letter of Credit shall be no later than thirty (30) days after any such drawing which may be no later than the expiry date of the Letter of Credit related thereto.

  • Advance Reimbursement Amounts As defined in Section 3.22. Affiliate: With respect to any Person, any other Person controlling, controlled by or under common control with such first Person. For the purposes of this definition, "control" means the power to direct the management and policies of such Person, directly or indirectly, whether through the ownership of voting securities, by contract or otherwise; and the terms "controlling" and "controlled" have meanings correlative to the foregoing. Ambac: Ambac Assurance Corporation (formerly known as AMBAC Indemnity Corporation).

  • Disbursement Period means the period during which Grant Funds may be disbursed.

  • Disbursement Schedule means the disbursement schedule as set out in an FAA;

  • Advance Reimbursement Amount As defined in Section 5.01(b)(ii).

  • Advance Request means a request for an Advance submitted by Borrower to Lender in substantially the form of Exhibit A.

  • Designated Disbursement Account means the account of the Borrower maintained with the Administrative Agent or its Affiliate and designated in writing to the Administrative Agent as the Borrower’s Designated Disbursement Account (or such other account as the Borrower and the Administrative Agent may otherwise agree).

  • Disbursement Accounts has the meaning ascribed to it in Annex C.

  • Request for Advance means a certificate designated as a "Request for Advance," signed by an Authorized Signatory of the Borrower requesting an Advance hereunder, which shall be in substantially the form of Exhibit E attached hereto, and shall, among other things, (i) specify the Commitment under which such Advance is to be made, the date of the Advance, which shall be a Business Day, the amount of the Advance, the type of Advance (Eurodollar or Base Rate), and, with respect to Eurodollar Advances, the Interest Period selected by the Borrower, (ii) state that there shall not exist a Default as of the date of such Advance and after giving effect thereto, and (iii) provide calculations demonstrating compliance with Sections 7.8, 7.9 and 7.10 hereof, after giving effect to the proposed Advance, and the Applicable Margin related thereto.

  • Controlled Disbursement Account means any accounts of the Borrowers maintained with the Administrative Agent as a zero balance, cash management account pursuant to and under any agreement between a Borrower and the Administrative Agent, as modified and amended from time to time, and through which all disbursements of a Borrower, any other Loan Party and any designated Subsidiary of a Borrower are made and settled on a daily basis with no uninvested balance remaining overnight.

  • Administrative Fees shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.06(b).

  • Letter of Credit Disbursement means a payment made by Issuing Bank pursuant to a Letter of Credit.

  • L/C Disbursements a payment or disbursement made by the Issuing Lender pursuant to a Letter of Credit.

  • Request for Payment means a payment application or declaration of expenditure submitted by the Member State to the Commission;

  • Reimbursement Date has the meaning assigned to that term in subsection 3.3B.

  • Disbursement Agreement means that certain Master Disbursement Agreement dated as of even date herewith, among the Issuers, Beneficiary, Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, as the administrative agent for the lenders under a credit agreement entered into in connection with the financing of the Project and as disbursement agent, and the other parties signatory thereto, as the same may hereafter be amended or modified in accordance with its terms and the terms of the Mortgage Notes Indenture.

  • Project Preparation Advance is modified to read “Preparation Advance” and its definition is modified to read as follows:

  • Application for Payment means Contractor’s monthly partial invoice for payment that includes any portion of the Work that has been completed for which an invoice has not been submitted and performed in accordance with the requirements of the Contract Documents. The Application for Payment accurately reflects the progress of the Work, is itemized based on the Schedule of Values, bears the notarized signature of Contractor, and shall not include subcontracted items for which Contractor does not intend to pay.