Serve Sample Clauses

Serve post, or keep posted any notices required or allowed under the provisions of this Lease or applicable law;
Serve fulfill the service role of preschool and school-age service providers under OAC Rule 3301-51-09(G)(3). Therefore, “serve” includes direct and indirect activities such as: direct services and interventions, diagnostics, paperwork, arranging parent involvement, meetings, correspondence, planning, lesson preparation, prevention activities, professional development and collaboration with general education teachers.
Serve. Press “4” to select the order you want serve leaders to be displayed in the Cate- gory leaders report. Recept: Press “5” to select the order you want reception leaders to be displayed in the Category leaders report. Defense: Press “6” to select the order you want defense leaders to be shown in the Cate- gory leaders report. Block: Press “7” to select the order you want block leaders to be displayed in the Cate- gory leaders report.
Serve. Enter the number of service aces and service errors for the player in the match. If you pressed "X" to edit extended stats, also enter the total number of serve attempts (total of service ace, service error and zero serve) for the player in the match.
Serve. We glorify God by lovingly and compassionately serving those in need. Opportunities to use gifts and talents to serve others include • Ministries such as Welcome team, mailing helpers, choir, and intercessory prayer team; • Various collections for people with financial difficulties; • Mother’s Day carnation sale to benefit Pennsylvanians for Human Life; • Earth day highway cleanup; • Care of our facilities through Buildings & Grounds Committee and financial contributions; • Lay leadership opportunities (Parish Pastoral Council, Finance Council, Ministry Coordinating Commission, committees and projects). What you give to St Xxxx Xxxxxxx Parish God has given each one of us incredible gifts, whatever we need to do what God asks of us. With abilities and resources comes a responsibility to use them to build God’s community in the home, the parish, and the world. You give much to the parish by being the best person and the best family you can be. As a household your commitment to worship, grow, connect, and serve is essential to our partnership in mission.
Serve. You show Xxxxx’ presence through acts of love, serving as individuals or a family through a parish ministry such as • Welcome Team • Mailing helpers • Music ministry (choir, song leader, instrumentalist) • Intercessory prayer team • Volunteering during a parish function • Providing food for a parish event
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Serve as a legal entity for sponsored research, external contracts, and economic development programs for the University whenever appropriate. Central Washington University CWURF A greement
Serve a. Direct Groups to pay initial Premium due and make prompt delivery of such payments to Insurer.
Serve. What is your family plan (when and how) to serve in your giftedness for the benefit of our church family? Can be more than once a month. (Host team, Kidtown, Student Groups, etc.) YEARLY (or more frequently): Family Memory Making What is your plan (when and how) to make lasting memories with your family? (Vacations, day trips, family reunions, etc.) FAMILY AGREEMENT PERSONALIZED GOALS
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