Serve Sample Clauses

Serve or "service" means personal service or delivery by certified mail to the last known address of the addressee.
Serve points on the routes in any combination and in-any order (which may include serving. intermediate points as beyond points and beyond points as intermediate points};
Serve. – We put our customers and people first;
Serve. You show Jesuspresence through acts of love, serving as individuals or a family through a parish ministry such as  Welcome TeamMailing helpersMusic ministry (choir, song leader, instrumentalist)  Intercessory prayer team  Volunteering during a parish functionProviding food for a parish event
Serve give) a copy of your Response to the person who filed this Summons at their service address listed on page 1. 4. File your original Response with the clerk of the court at the court’s filing address listed on page 1. 5. Adequate Cause: Before the court will have a full hearing or trial about the Petition, one of the parties must ask the court to decide whether there are valid reasons to allow the case to move forward (adequate cause). If there are no valid reasons, the court will dismiss the Petition. Either party can file a Motion for Adequate Cause Decision (form FL Modify 603).Signature of person filing this Summons
Serve and “service” are delivery of citation as required by Rule 501.2, or of a document as required by Rule 501.4.
Serve. Mr. Garish discussed S:ERVE, the online training program sponsored by Safety National, available for Police, Fire and EMS. He indicated that his office continues to promote this program to the members. He noted that his is the contact person for S:ERVE. Mr. Garish mentioned there are two separate modules; one is the Distracted Driver Module that takes approximately 30 minutes, and the second module is an Intersection Analysis Course that takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete. He noted a certificate is available to print upon completion of both modules.