Series 2004 Sample Clauses

Series 2004. 2 Notes and any other Obligations issued under this Indenture will be considered to have been paid if money for their payment or redemption has been set aside and is being held in trust by the Indenture Trustee. Any Outstanding Series 2004-2 Note will be considered to have been paid if the Series 2004-2 Note is to be redeemed on any date prior to its stated maturity and notice of redemption has been given as provided in this Indenture and on said date there shall have been deposited with the Indenture Trustee either money or Investment Securities described in clause (a) of such definition, the principal of and the interest on which when due will provide money sufficient to pay the principal of and interest to become due on the Series 2004-2 Note.
Series 2004. 1 Distribution Account. -------------- --------------------------------------
Series 2004. 2 Pay Out Events. If any one of the following events shall occur with respect to the Investor Certificates:
Series 2004. 1 Letter of Credit Provider as Enhancement Provider and Third-Party Beneficiary. The Lessees, RCFC and DTAG each hereby acknowledges and agrees that the Series 2004-1 Letter of Credit Provider is (i) an "Enhancement Provider" (as such term is used in the Base Indenture) and (ii) without limiting the effect of any other provision contained in the Base Indenture or the Series 2004-1 Supplement, a third-party beneficiary of the provisions set forth in Article 11 of the Base Indenture, Section 8.7 of the Series 2004-1 Supplement and Section 22 of the Master Lease.

Related to Series 2004

  • Principal Funding Account (a) The Trustee, or the Servicer, on its behalf, shall establish and maintain, in the name of the Trust, on behalf of the Trust, for the benefit of the Certificateholders, an Eligible Deposit Account (the "Principal Funding Account"), bearing a designation clearly indicating that the funds deposited therein are held for the benefit of the Certificateholders. The Trustee shall possess all right, title and interest in all funds on deposit from time to time in the Principal Funding Account and in all proceeds thereof. The Principal Funding Account shall be under the sole dominion and control of the Trustee for the benefit of the Certificateholders. If at any time the Principal Funding Account ceases to be an Eligible Deposit Account, the Transferor shall notify the Trustee, and the Trustee upon being notified (or the Servicer on its behalf) shall, within 10 Business Days, establish a new Principal Funding Account which meets the conditions specified in the definition of Eligible Deposit Account, and shall transfer any cash or any investments to such new Principal Funding Account. The Trustee or the Paying Agent, at the direction of the Servicer, shall (i) make withdrawals from the Principal Funding Account from time to time, in the amounts and for the purposes set forth in this Series Supplement, and (ii) on each Transfer Date (from and after the commencement of the Controlled Accumulation Period) prior to termination of the Principal Funding Account make a deposit into the Principal Funding Account in the amount specified in, and otherwise in accordance with, subsection 4.9(c).

  • Yield Supplement Account On the Closing Date, the Seller will deposit the Yield Supplement Account Deposit to the Yield Supplement Account from the net proceeds of the sale of the Notes. The Yield Supplement Account shall be the property of the Issuer subject to the rights of the Indenture Trustee for the benefit of the Securityholders.

  • Funding Account The Administrative Agent shall have received a notice setting forth the deposit account of the Borrower (the “Funding Account”) to which the Administrative Agent is authorized by the Borrower to transfer the proceeds of any Borrowings requested or authorized pursuant to this Agreement.

  • Reserve Account Draw Amount On or before two Business Days before a Payment Date, the Servicer will calculate the Reserve Account Draw Amount for the Payment Date and will direct the Indenture Trustee to withdraw from the Reserve Account and deposit the Reserve Account Draw Amount into the Collection Account on or before the Payment Date.

  • Collection Account (a) On the Closing Date, the Master Servicer shall open and shall thereafter maintain a segregated account held in trust (the “Collection Account”), entitled “Aurora Loan Services LLC, as Master Servicer, in trust for the benefit of the Holders of Xxxxxx Mortgage Trust Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2005-1.” The Collection Account shall relate solely to the Certificates issued by the Trust Fund hereunder, and funds in such Collection Account shall not be commingled with any other monies.

  • Master Servicer Collection Account (a) The Master Servicer shall establish and maintain in the name of the Trustee, for the benefit of the Certificateholders, the Master Servicer Collection Account as a segregated trust account or accounts. The Master Servicer Collection Account shall be an Eligible Account. The Master Servicer will deposit in the Master Servicer Collection Account as identified by the Master Servicer and as received by the Master Servicer, the following amounts:

  • Distribution Account (a) The Trustee shall establish and maintain in the name of the Trustee, for the benefit of the Certificateholders, the Distribution Account as a segregated trust account or accounts.

  • Custodial Accounts; Distribution Account (a) On or prior to the Closing Date, the Master Servicer shall have caused each Servicer to establish and maintain one or more Custodial Accounts, as provided in the related Purchase and Servicing Agreement, into which all Scheduled Payments and unscheduled payments with respect to the related Mortgage Loans, net of any deductions or reimbursements permitted under the related Purchase and Servicing Agreement, shall be deposited. On each Distribution Account Deposit Date, the Servicers shall remit to the Securities Administrator for deposit into the Distribution Account, all amounts so required to be deposited into such account in accordance with the terms of the related Purchase and Servicing Agreements.

  • Collection of Mortgage Loan Payments; Certificate Account; Distribution Account (a) The Master Servicer shall make reasonable efforts in accordance with the customary and usual standards of practice of prudent mortgage servicers to collect all payments called for under the terms and provisions of the Mortgage Loans to the extent such procedures shall be consistent with this Agreement and the terms and provisions of any related Required Insurance Policy. Consistent with the foregoing, the Master Servicer may in its discretion (i) waive any late payment charge or any prepayment charge or penalty interest in connection with the prepayment of a Mortgage Loan and (ii) extend the due dates for payments due on a Mortgage Note for a period not greater than 180 days; provided, however, that the Master Servicer cannot extend the maturity of any such Mortgage Loan past the date on which the final payment is due on the latest maturing Mortgage Loan as of the Cut-off Date. In the event of any such arrangement, the Master Servicer shall make Advances on the related Mortgage Loan in accordance with the provisions of Section 4.1 during the scheduled period in accordance with the amortization schedule of such Mortgage Loan without modification thereof by reason of such arrangements. The Master Servicer shall not be required to institute or join in litigation with respect to collection of any payment (whether under a Mortgage, Mortgage Note or otherwise or against any public or governmental authority with respect to a taking or condemnation) if it reasonably believes that enforcing the provision of the Mortgage or other instrument pursuant to which such payment is required is prohibited by applicable law.

  • Collection Account and Distribution Account (a) On behalf of the Trust Fund, the Servicer shall establish and maintain, or cause to be established and maintained, one or more accounts (each such account or accounts, a “Collection Account”), held in trust for the benefit of the Trustee and the Certificateholders. On behalf of the Trust Fund, the Servicer shall deposit or cause to be deposited in the related clearing account (which account must be an Eligible Account) in which it customarily deposits payments and collections on mortgage loans in connection with its mortgage loan servicing activities on a daily basis, and in no event more than one Business Day after the Servicer’s receipt thereof, and shall thereafter deposit in the Collection Account, in no event more than two Business Days after the deposit of good funds into the clearing account, as and when received or as otherwise required hereunder, the following payments and collections received or made by it subsequent to the related Cut-off Date (other than in respect of principal or interest on the Mortgage Loans due on or before the related Cut-off Date, or payments (other than Principal Prepayments) received by it on or prior to the related Cut-off Date but allocable to a Due Period subsequent thereto):