Privileges Sample Clauses

Privileges. Each Receiver and the Security Trustee is entitled to all the rights, powers, privileges and immunities conferred by the Act on mortgagees and receivers when such receivers have been duly appointed under the Act, except that Section 103 of the Act does not apply.
Privileges. All privileges that may be asserted under applicable law, including, without limitation, privileges arising under or relating to the attorney-client relationship (including but not limited to the attorney-client and work product privileges), the accountant-client privilege, and privileges relating to internal evaluative processes.
Privileges. The use of network resources is a PRIVILEGE, not a right; therefore, inappropriate use may result in a suspension or termination of those privileges. Each student who receives access by signing the agreement will be part of a discussion with a WJCC Public Schools faculty member pertaining to the proper use of the network. Each adult who receives access will abide by these guidelines for appropriate use. WJCC Public Schools administration and the system administrator(s) will deem what is appropriate use. The decision of the administration or the system administrator(s) is final. The system administrator(s) may close an account at any time. Based on the recommendation of teachers and staff, the administration of WJCC Public Schools may request that the system administrator(s) deny, revoke, or suspend specific user accounts.
Privileges. The Board agrees to provide the Association, free of charge, with the use of serviced and furnished office space comparable to that now provided in Xxxx Xxxx South and access to University services on the same basis as if it were a University Department.
Privileges. The Master Issuer Security Trustee and each Receiver is entitled to all the rights, powers, privileges and immunities conferred by the 1925 Act on mortgagees and receivers duly appointed under the 1925 Act, except that Section 103 of the 1925 Act does not apply.
Privileges. The Bulletin of HMS, News-Bulletin (En- imerosi), discounts that are available to all members. NOVEMBER 2004 NOTICESOF THE AMS 1257 Reciprocity Agreements Officers: Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx (President), Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx and Dionysios Anapolitanos (Vice-Presidents), Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx (Treasurer), Ioannis Tyrlis (Secre- tary). Officers: Imre Csisz´ar (President), Xxxxxxx Kulcs´ar (Execu- tive Director), Gy¨orgy Xxxxxxx (Treasurer), Istv´an Juh´asz (Secretary General), Xxxxx Xxxxx (Vice Secretary General). Jednota ˇcesk´ych matematiku˚ a fyziku˚ Icelandic Mathematical Society Address for mail: Icelandic Mathematical Society, Xxxx- visindastofnun Haskolans, Dunhaga 0, XX-000 Xxxx- xxxxx, Xxxxxxx; email: xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.xx; http:// xxx.xxxxx.xx/xx/. Apply to: Dr. Kristj¨an Jonasson at the above address. Dues: U.S. $12, payable to Dr. Hersir Sigurgeirsson at the above address. Privileges: Reduced subscription rate on Mathematica Scandinavia and Nordisk matematisk Tidskrift (Normat); subscription orders should be sent directly to the journals. Officers: Kristj¨an Jonasson (President), Hersir Sigurgeirs- son (Treasurer), Fjola Run Bjo¨rnsd´ottir (Secretary). Irish Mathematical Society Apply to: Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Treasurer, Irish Mathematical Society, National University of Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx, Xx. Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx; email: Xxxxx.Xxxxxx@xxx.xx; http:// Dues: U.S. $10, payable to Xxxxx Xxxxxx at the above address. Privileges: Free copy of the Bulletin of the Irish Mathe- matical Society (two times per year), free registration at IMS annual conference (September). Officers: X. Xxxxxxxx (President), X. X’Xxxxxx (Vice- President), Xxxxx Xxxxxx (Treasurer); Xxx X’Xxxx (Secre- tary). J´anos Bolyai Mathematical Society Apply to: Xxxxxxx Kulcs´ar, Executive Director, J´anos Bolyai Mathematical Society, F¨o utca 00, X-0000 Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx; email: xxxx@xxxxx.xx. Dues: Are voluntary but should minimally cover duplica- tion and mailing costs; for reciprocity members (residing outside Hungary) suggested fee is 1/8 of 1 percent of the member’s net income, payable to Kereskedelmi ES Hitelbank P.T., Account Number 00000000-00000000. Sponsoring members pay at least U.S. $180 or equivalent per year. Privileges: Upon request, Matematikai Lapok (twice a year), K¨oz´episkolai Matematikai Lapok (monthly). If sufficient interest is expressed, a bulletin in English will be available. In addition, the JBMS is negotiating to obtain discounts for its reciprocity and sponsoring ...
Privileges. Effective as of the Closing, the Seller hereby transfers, to the fullest extent transferable under applicable Law, all attorney work-product protections, attorney-client privileges and other legal protections and privileges contained in the books and records transferred as part of the Purchased Assets and to which the Seller may be entitled in connection with any of the Purchased Assets or Assumed Liabilities. The Seller is not waiving, and will not be deemed to have waived or diminished, any of its attorney work-product protections, attorney-client privileges or similar protections or privileges as a result of the disclosure of information to the Purchaser and its representatives in connection with this Agreement and the transactions contemplated by this Agreement. The Seller and the Purchaser (a) share a common legal and commercial interest in all of the information and communications that may subject to such protections and privileges, (b) are or may become joint defendants in Proceedings to which such protections and privileges may relate and (c) intend that such protections and privileges remain intact should either party become subject to any actual or threatened Proceeding to which such information or communications relate. The Seller agrees that it and its Affiliates will have no right or power after the Closing Date to assert or waive any such protection or privilege included in the Purchased Assets. The Seller will take any actions reasonably requested by the Purchaser, at the sole cost and expense of the Purchaser unless the Purchaser is entitled to indemnification therefor under the provisions of Article 9, in order to permit the Purchaser to preserve and assert any such protection or privilege included in the Purchased Assets.
Privileges. The HMIS services and or equipment are a privilege and are assigned and managed by the HMIS Lead or designee(s). The Agency is responsible for proper use of the system as outlined in Section VI.
Privileges. Access and privileges on District computing systems are assigned and managed by the administrators of specific individual systems. Eligible individuals may become authorized users of a system and be granted appropriate access and privileges by following the approval steps prescribed for that system. All access to due District's computer and communications resources, including the issuing of passwords, must be approved by a designee of the District. Users may not, under any circumstances, transfer or confer these passwords or privileges to other individuals. Any account assigned to an individual shall not be used by others without written permission from the system's administrator. The authorized user is responsible for the proper use of the system, including any password protection. Union use of the District's computing systems and resources shall be in accordance with due appropriate collective bargaining agreement Such use shall be in a manner that does not interfere with employee work performance.
Privileges. Although conformity to certain legal rules of evidence may not be necessary in connection with arbitrations initiated pursuant to this Attachment, the Arbitrator shall, in all cases, apply the attorney-client privilege and the work product immunity doctrines.