Restrictions and Limitations Sample Clauses

Restrictions and Limitations. The Corporation shall not undertake the following actions without the consent of the holders of a majority of the Series A Preferred: (i) modify its Certificate of Incorporation or Bylaws so as to amend or change any of the rights, preferences, or privileges of the Series A Preferred, (ii) authorize or issue any other equity security senior to or ranking on parity with the Series A Preferred, or (iii) pay any dividends in cash or property on, or purchase or otherwise acquire for value, any Common Stock purchase or other equity security of the Corporation either junior to or on a parity with the Series A Preferred except from current or retained earnings or from the net proceeds of sale of equity securities, except for purchases of Common Stock from terminating or retiring employees pursuant to the terms of employee benefit plans in an aggregate amount not greater than $1 million.
Restrictions and Limitations. (a) Except as hereinafter provided, no officer or Trustee of the Trust, no officer, director, or stockholder (or partner of a stockholder) of the investment adviser of the Trust (as that term is defined in the 0000 Xxx) or of any underwriter of the Trust, and no investment adviser or underwriter of the Trust shall take long or short positions in the securities issued by the Trust. The foregoing provision shall not prevent the purchase from the Trust of shares of any series issued by the Trust by any person at the price available to shareholders of the Trust generally at the time of such purchase, or as described in the current Prospectus of the Trust, or prior to commencement of the public offering of shares of the Trust, at the net asset value of such shares.
Restrictions and Limitations. The Executive hereby accepts the Performance Share Grant and agrees to the following restrictions and conditions.
Restrictions and Limitations. The amount of eligibility for benefits referred to herein are subject to the terms and conditions of the contract of the Insurer providing such benefits. Any dispute as to entitlement to benefits provided under the contract is between the employee and the Insurer. Certain limitations and exclusions for coverage may apply. Insurable benefits payable under OHIP or other Medicare plan equivalent to OHIP from another province or territory shall not be payable under the Health Plan.
Restrictions and Limitations. 3.1 Except as permitted by applicable mandatory law you may not (i) decompile, reverse engineer, or disassemble the Software; (ii) modify, rent, lease, loan, distribute, sublicense, create derivative works of, communicate and/or make the Software available to the public; (iii) let any third-party access, install and/or use the Software for any purpose including without limitation any outsourcing, hosting, business process outsourcing or any other arrangements pursuant to which any third-party accesses, installs and/or uses the Software for any purpose.
Restrictions and Limitations. (a) The Trust shall not lend assets of the Trust to any officer or Trustee of the Trust or to any officer, director, or stockholder (or partner of a stockholder) of, or person financially interested in, the investment adviser or any underwriter of the Trust, or to the investment adviser of the Trust or to any underwriter of the Trust.
Restrictions and Limitations. (a) The license grant under Article 3.1 shall not include any rights other than those expressly set forth in Article 3.1 and it shall, in particular and without limitation to the generality of the foregoing, exclude the right (i) to make any use of the Licensed Materials that is not the Agreed Use or that is not any of the intended uses of the Licensed Materials, as provided for in the Documentation and the standard functionalities of the Software; (ii) to make any use of the Licensed Materials for the purpose of offering, directly or indirectly, any products or services that compete with any of Licensor's business, own products or services to third parties; (iii) to make any use of the Licensed Materials in a clinical diagnostic setting, to provide a diagnostic service or product, or to otherwise use the Licensed Materials for clin- ical diagnostic purposes; (iv) to make any amendment or modification to or to create any derivative work of the Licensed Materials or any part thereof; (v) to make the Licensed Materials or any part thereof available to any third party (other than, in case of an Multi System Site License, a Single System License or a Single System View-Only License, to Licensee's own employees on a need-to-know basis in accordance with this Agreement);
Restrictions and Limitations. So long as any shares of the Series B Preferred Stock remain outstanding, the Corporation may not, without the vote or written consent by the holders of a majority of the outstanding shares of the Series B Preferred Stock, voting as a separate class:
Restrictions and Limitations. You agree:
Restrictions and Limitations. Shares of Series A Preferred Stock shall be subject to the restrictions and limitations set forth in Article VI of the Charter.