Reliance Sample Clauses

Reliance. Agent shall be entitled to rely, and shall be fully protected in relying, upon any note, writing, resolution, notice, statement, certificate, telex, teletype or telecopier message, cablegram, order or other document or telephone message believed by it to be genuine and correct and to have been signed, sent or made by the proper person or entity, and, with respect to all legal matters pertaining to this Agreement and the Other Documents and its duties hereunder, upon advice of counsel selected by it. Agent may employ agents and attorneys-in-fact and shall not be liable for the default or misconduct of any such agents or attorneys-in-fact selected by Agent with reasonable care.

Reliance. It is not necessary for the Administrative Agent, the Lenders or any Hedging Agreement Provider to inquire into the capacity or powers of the Borrower or the officers, directors, members, partners or agents acting or purporting to act on its behalf, and any Credit Party Obligations made or created in reliance upon the professed exercise of such powers shall be guaranteed hereunder.

Reliance. Each director and officer of the Corporation shall, in the performance of his or her duties with respect to the Corporation, be entitled to rely on any information, opinion, report or statement, including any financial statement or other financial data, prepared or presented by an officer or employee of the Corporation whom the director or officer reasonably believes to be reliable and competent in the matters presented, by a lawyer, certified public accountant or other person, as to a matter which the director or officer reasonably believes to be within the persons professional or expert competence, or, with respect to a director, by a committee of the Board of Directors on which the director does not serve, as to a matter within its designated authority, if the director reasonably believes the committee to merit confidence.

Reliance. In rendering such opinions, such counsel may rely: (i) as to matters involving the application of laws other than the laws of the United States and jurisdictions in which they are admitted, to the extent such counsel deems proper and to the extent specified in such opinion, if at all, upon an opinion or opinions (in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Representative) of other counsel reasonably acceptable to the Representative, familiar with the applicable laws; and (ii) as to matters of fact, to the extent they deem proper, on certificates or other written statements of officers of the Company and officers of departments of various jurisdictions having custody of documents respecting the corporate existence or good standing of the Company, provided that copies of any such statements or certificates shall be delivered to Representative Counsel if requested.

Reliance. Such Stockholder understands and acknowledges that Parent and Merger Sub are entering into the Merger Agreement in reliance upon such Stockholders execution, delivery and performance of this Agreement.

Reliance. The consent by the Senior Lenders to the execution and delivery of the Second-Priority Documents to which the Senior Lenders have consented and all loans and other extensions of credit made or deemed made on and after the date hereof by the Senior Lenders to the Company or any Subsidiary shall be deemed to have been given and made in reliance upon this Agreement. Each Second-Priority Agent, on behalf of itself and each applicable Second-Priority Secured Party, acknowledges that it and the applicable Second-Priority Secured Parties have, independently and without reliance on the Intercreditor Agent or any Senior Lender, and based on documents and information deemed by them appropriate, made their own credit analysis and decision to enter into the applicable Second-Priority Document, this Agreement and the transactions contemplated hereby and thereby and they will continue to make their own credit decision in taking or not taking any action under the applicable Second-Priority Document or this Agreement.

Reliance. Each Guarantor hereby assumes responsibility for keeping itself informed of the financial condition of the Borrower, each other Guarantor and any other guarantor, maker or endorser of any Guaranteed Obligation or any part thereof, and of all other circumstances bearing upon the risk of nonpayment of any Guaranteed Obligation or any part thereof that diligent inquiry would reveal, and each Guarantor hereby agrees that no Secured Party shall have any duty to advise any Guarantor of information known to it regarding such condition or any such circumstances. In the event any Secured Party, in its sole discretion, undertakes at any time or from time to time to provide any such information to any Guarantor, such Secured Party shall be under no obligation to (a) undertake any investigation not a part of its regular business routine, (b) disclose any information that such Secured Party, pursuant to accepted or reasonable commercial finance or banking practices, wishes to maintain confidential or (c) make any future disclosures of such information or any other information to any Guarantor.

Reliance. Persons who after the date of the adoption of this provision become or remain directors or officers of the Corporation or who, while a director or officer of the Corporation, become or remain a director, officer, employee or agent of a subsidiary, shall be conclusively presumed to have relied on the rights to indemnity, advance of expenses and other rights contained in this ARTICLE VII in entering into or continuing such service. The rights to indemnification and to the advance of expenses conferred in this ARTICLE VII shall apply to claims made against an indemnitee arising out of acts or omissions which occurred or occur both prior and subsequent to the adoption hereof. Any amendment, alteration or repeal of this ARTICLE VII that adversely affects any right of an indemnitee or its successors shall be prospective only and shall not limit, eliminate, or impair any such right with respect to any proceeding involving any occurrence or alleged occurrence of any action or omission to act that took place prior to such amendment or repeal.

Reliance. Such Investor understands and acknowledges that: (i) the Securities are being offered and sold to it without registration under the Securities Act in a private placement that is exempt from the registration provisions of the Securities Act and (ii) the availability of such exemption depends in part on, and the Company will rely upon the accuracy and truthfulness of, the foregoing representations and such Investor hereby consents to such reliance.

Reliance. In administering the Plan, the Board may rely upon any information furnished by the Company, its public accountants and other experts. No individual will have personal liability by reason of anything done or omitted to be done by the Company or the Board in connection with the Plan. This limitation of liability shall not be exclusive of any other limitation of liability to which any such person may be entitled under the Companys certificate of incorporation or otherwise.