Recruitment to Vacant Positions Sample Clauses

Recruitment to Vacant Positions. 15.13.1 The parties will develop a streamlined recruitment process designed to limit the time between positions becoming vacant and being filled.

Related to Recruitment to Vacant Positions

  • Vacant Positions If through death, resignation, retirement, termination, or reassignment of the incumbent, a position becomes vacant, the appropriate Vice President, in consultation with appropriate divisional, program, and/or department stakeholders, will decide whether to recommend to the Executive Team elimination of the position, maintaining the position and appointing a new individual to it, maintaining the position but designating it as frozen for financial reasons, holding the position for future consideration, or creation of a different or modified position in its place.

  • New Positions In the event the Employer shall establish any new position, the classification and wage rate for the new position shall be established by the Employer and written notice shall be given to the Union and unless notice of objection thereto by the Union is given to the Employer within sixty (60) calendar days after such notice, such classification and wage rate shall be considered to have been agreed. Where the Union objects, it shall provide reasons for the objection in writing subject to the provisions of Article 6.12(c). If the classification and/or wage rate established by the Employer for such new position is revised as a result of negotiation or arbitration, then the revised classification and wage rate shall be effective from the date when the new position was established.

  • Filling Positions ‌ The Employer will determine when a position will be filled, the type of appointment to be used when filling the position, and the skills and abilities necessary to perform the duties of the specific position within a job classification. The Employer can fill a position on a full-time or part-time basis. Consideration will be limited to employees who have the skills and abilities required for the position. Positions will be posted for at least ten (10) calendar days.