Quarterly Meetings; Calling of Meetings; Notice Sample Clauses

Quarterly Meetings; Calling of Meetings; Notice. The Board shall hold regular meetings at such times as may be specified by it but no less often than quarterly. Special meetings of the Board may be called at any time and for any purpose or purposes by (i) the President or his designee or by Resolution of the Board in which at least a majority of all Directors call for such meeting, or (ii) by any Member. Subject to the notice provisions set forth in Section 15.2, notice of the place, date and hour of each meeting of the Board will be given by registered or certified mail, by nationally recognized overnight delivery service, by telephone (which shall be deemed given upon oral acknowledgment by the Director receiving notice), by facsimile or by personal delivery, or by email, to each Director entitled to vote at the meeting, not fewer than three (3) Business Days prior to the meeting, and in any case not more than thirty (30) days prior to the meeting. A notice shall state, in general terms, the purpose or purposes for the calling of a meeting. If such notice is mailed, emailed or sent by overnight delivery service, it will be directed to each Director at such Director’s address as it appears on the record of Directors, or, if a Director had filed with the Company a written request that notices to such Director be sent to some other address, then directed to such Director at such other address. Notice of a meeting need not be given to any Director who signs a waiver of notice or a consent to holding the meeting or an approval of the minutes of such meeting, whether before or after the meeting, or who participates in the meeting without protesting, prior to the commencement of such Director’s participation in the meeting, the lack of notice to such Director. All such waivers, consents and approvals shall be filed with the Company records or made a part of the minutes of the meeting.