Psychologist Sample Clauses

Psychologist. Shall be defined as an individual holding the degree of Ph.D., licensed as a psychologist in the jurisdiction in which services are provided, and acting within the scope of his or her license.
Psychologist. The Clinical Psychologist will use professional knowledge and skills to support the Flying Start multi-agency team in the early identification of need.  To support staff and parents to enable an appropriate child centered plan is in place for those identified children.  To support staff and childcare settings in the use of individual play plans and planning of assessment focusing on SMART measurable targets.  Undertake direct psychological support with children and families with attachment, social emotional and behavioural difficulties leading and ensuring a joined up approach with all multi agencies involved.  Provide training and support for Flying Start staff regarding attachment and parent and infant mental health. Including the facilitation of an Infant Mental Health Forum for Flying Start and partners.  To support ongoing evaluation through evidence based models.  To continue to maintain and further develop as appropriate, clear pathways involving Flying Start, Nurseries and close liaison with Educational Psychology, Inclusion Service, and Flying Start additional needs support officer, ensuring a smooth transition to Nursery for those children with additional needs.
Psychologist. A school psychologist who holds a standard, unrestricted, non-provisional Minnesota School Psychologist license will be paid on the MA+60/Specialist/Psychologist salary lane.
Psychologist. To be eligible to be appointed to a psychologist position, a person must--
Psychologist. A licensed psychologist with a doctoral degree in psychology and who either has at least two (2) years of clinical experience in a recognized health setting, or has met the standards of the national Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology. When treatment or evaluation for an illness or injury is provided by a psychologist, the County may require appropriate medical collaboration.
Psychologist. Effective the date of this Award, Steps 5 and 6 on the Pyschologist wage grid shall each be adjusted upwards by $1.00.
Psychologist. $20 per visit for individual; each 30 minutes of family therapy ($24) or group therapy (8).
Psychologist. University professor. Member of the Argentinean Network of People Living with HIV. Secretary at FGEP. Member of RedLAM, Health Director at Red Cross Argentina. Mariela Bacigalupo Political sciences graduate. Specialist in Government Policies and Development. Te- chnical assistant at FGEP.
Psychologist. A one and twenty-five hundredths percent (1.25%) salary increase shall be applied to all steps and columns of the 2015-2016 salary schedule (Exhibit K) for 2016-17, Exhibit L, effective February 1, 2017. The retro payment will be paid within 45 days of member ratification. A three and seventy-five hundredths percent (3.75%) salary increase shall be applied to all steps and columns of the 2016-2017 salary schedule, for 2017-18 Exhibit M, effective July 1, 2017.
Psychologist. Both parties agree that it is well established that policing is a demanding and stressful occupation. The potential for these occupational stressors to negatively impact an officer’s emotional well-being both personally and professionally is also well documented. Both parties agree that each member of the bargaining unit will be offered mental health wellness checkups each year. In addition, a Deputy Chief may be required to attend a psychological exam at the request of the City Administrator or the Chief. The session will be paid for by the Employer.