PROVISO Sample Clauses

PROVISO. It is agreed that these covenants do not prevent Executive from using and offering the general management or other skills that he possessed prior to receiving access to Confidential Information and knowledge from the Company. This Agreement creates an advance approval process, and nothing herein is intended, or will be construed as, a general restriction against Executive’s pursuit of lawful employment in violation of any controlling state or federal laws. Executive is permitted to engage in activities that would otherwise be prohibited by this covenant if such activities are determined in the sole discretion of the Board of the Company, and authorized in writing, to be of no material threat to the legitimate business interests of the Company.
PROVISO. 3. PROVIDED ALWAYS and it is agreed as follows that:-
PROVISO. The Company shall not be obligated to effect, or to take any action to effect, any such registration pursuant to this Section 1:
PROVISO. (e) The provisions of this Section 13.12 are conditional upon allowance by tax authorities under Canadian or Provincial law of any and all cost to the company pursuant hereto, failing which this Section 13.12 shall be null and void. SPECIAL LAYOFF & RECALL
PROVISO. (i) It is hereby agreed that each of the events set out in Clause 16.1(i), (vi), (vii), (viii), (ix), (xiii) and (xiv) shall not be an Event of Default if it occurs in relation to the Initial Charterer after the termination of the Initial Charter as a result of the obligations thereunder having been fully performed by the Initial Charterer in accordance with the terms specified therein; and
PROVISO. The provisions of this Section 12:07 are conditional upon allowance by the tax authorities under Canadian or Provincial Law of any and all cost to the Company pursuant hereto, failing which this Section 12:07 shall be null and void.
PROVISO. Notwithstanding Section 2.1 and any other provisions of this Agreement, to the extent that any of the Municipal Guidelines are inconsistent with the terms of this Agreement, the Company shall not be required to comply with such Municipal Guidelines.
PROVISO. The foregoing provisions of this Clause 52 are subject to the proviso that no Re-run shall be carried out, and neither the Executive Committee nor any Party shall be entitled to require that a Re-run be carried out, in respect of a Settlement Day or any part thereof after the first anniversary of such Settlement Day, but so that this proviso shall not restrict the right of any Party to claim or recover any moneys properly due and owing to it under this Agreement.