Property Line Sample Clauses

Property Line. The parties agree that the Property as described in the Lease may be modified by Lessor without Lessee’s or Sublessee’s consent on the southern property line and the western property line; provided, however, that the movement of the property line shall not adversely affect the ingress or egress to the Premises or the ability of Lessee or Sublessee to conduct business in the Premises. Upon notification by Lessor of the revised Property and description thereof, the Property shall be so defined. Neither Sublessee nor Lessee shall be liable for any cost incurred in connection with modifying the property line, including, without limitation, any costs incurred in connection with repaying the parking lot and altering any utility lines, if any.
Property Line. Principal Setbacks Accessory Building Setbacks iii
Property Line. An imaginary line, at the ground surface and its vertical extension, which separates the real property owned or rented by one (1) person from that owned or rented by another person and separates real property from the public premise or in multiple dwelling units from the adjoining unit, such as the wall between two (2) apartments.
Property Line. “Property line” means the division line between two units of land. Comment [LC23]: ORS 92.010
Property Line. See Lot Line.(Ord. 2-2007, eff. 9/6/2007, Ord. 13-2016, eff. 10/6/2016)
Property Line. Boundaries of an area in which either a person causing fugitive dust emissions or a person allowing fugitive dust emissions has ownership or legal right to use the property.
Property Line. Dividing Parcels 1 and 2. The parties recognize that the present property line dividing Parcel 1 and Parcel 2 would, as presently located, traverse Hangar I additions. The necessary arrangements for establishing the new property line will be made for locating Hangar 3 in its entirety upon Parcel 1.
Property Line. Utility Right-of-Way URW SIDE STREET Fences which separate private lots are exempt from compliance review. However, ? Did you know • If you do not see your encroachment illustrated here, we have a permission list with examples available online at • If you need more information on compliance, view our Compliance Certificate Policy brochure or visit fences which encroach onto City property are subject to a compliance review and will require authorization to remain.
Property Line. That real or imaginary line along the ground surface and its vertical extension which separates real property owned or controlled by any person from contiguous real property owned or controlled by another person, and separates real property from the public right of way.