Procedure to Accomplish Policy Sample Clauses

Procedure to Accomplish Policy. A. The City of Garland shall not, except as provided herein, enter into or renew a contract to purchase, sell, or lease property or services to or from any person or entity who has been:
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Procedure to Accomplish Policy. On a monthly basis, the Managing Director of Customer Services shall produce a delinquent accounts list containing the names of those businesses and/or individuals who are delinquent in paying the City for property taxes, impact fees, utility bills, EMS fees, or damage claims. Copies of the delinquent tax history shall be distributed to the City Manager’s office, Purchasing, Engineering, Planning, and Building Inspection Departments. The delinquent accounts list relating to impact fees, utility bills, EMS fees, and/or damage claims shall be housed in the Customer Service Department. These lists will be available to the City Manager, Assistant City Manager’s, and other departments upon request, to be checked prior to permit issuance or other conduct of business by the City with any business or individual. The City will not do business with any business or individual until the delinquent account is paid in full. The City shall not award any contracts for services and/or goods to any business, firm, and/or individual(s) who are delinquent or have demonstrated that they are not the most responsible bidder.

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  • Failure to Act Except for action expressly required of Agent hereunder and under the other Financing Agreements, Agent shall in all cases be fully justified in failing or refusing to act hereunder and thereunder unless it shall receive further assurances to its satisfaction from Lenders of their indemnification obligations under Section 12.5 hereof against any and all liability and expense that may be incurred by it by reason of taking or continuing to take any such action.

  • Grievance Procedure Steps The following procedure shall be followed by an employee submitting a grievance:

  • PROCEDURE TO CANCEL AGREEMENT BY THE STUDENT ALL requests for cancellation of the housing agreement must be IN WRITING OR REPRODUCIBLE ELECTRONIC FORMAT and submitted to UCF DHRL at the address for official communications shown in this agreement.

  • Recognition of the Association The County recognizes the Government Supervisors Association of Florida, OPEIU, Local 100, ("Association") which has been certified, by the Florida Public Employee Relations Commission, Certification Number 1289, as the sole and exclusive representative of the employees within the Bargaining Unit, as described pursuant to PERC Case No. EL-2000-013, and as amended by mutual agreement of the parties for the purpose of collective bargaining with respect to wages, hours of employment, and other terms and conditions of employment. References to “Supervisory” in this Agreement will include all Bargaining Unit members.

  • GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE 7 Section 4.1. Definition 7 Section 4.2. Procedures 7 Section 4.3. Limitations on Authority of Arbitrator 8 Section 4.4. Expenses of Arbitration 9 Section 4.5. Union Grievances 9 Section 4.6. Time Limits 9 Section 4.7. Miscellaneous 10 Section 4.8. Discipline 10 Section 4.9. Oral or Written Reprimands 11 Section 4.10. Applicability of Grievance and Arbitration Procedure to Discipline 11 ARTICLE V LABOR-MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE 12 ARTICLE VI SENIORITY, LAYOFF AND RECALL 13 Section 6.1. Definition 13 Section 6.2. Probationary Period 13 Section 6.3. Layoff and Recall 13 Section 6.4. Seniority List 15 Section 6.5. Posting of Certain Training Opportunities 15 Section 6.6. Termination of Seniority 15 Section 6.7. Reemployment After Expiration of Right to Recall 16 ARTICLE VII HOURS OF WORK AND OVERTIME 17 Section 7.1. Purpose 17 Section 7.2. Normal Work Cycle 17 Section 7.3. A Day Trades 18 Section 7.4. Overtime 19 Section 7.5. Changing or Trading Tours of Duty 19 Section 7.6. Hireback Procedure 19 Section 7.7. Compensatory Time 20 Section 7.8. Call-Back Pay 21 Section 7.9. No Pyramiding 21 ARTICLE VIII SALARIES AND OTHER COMPENSATION 22 Section 8.1. Salaries 22 Section 8.2. Longevity Pay 24 Section 8.3. Out of Classification Pay 25 Section 8.4. Paramedic Stipend 25 Section 8.5. Paramedic Preceptor 25 ARTICLE IX VACATIONS 26 Section 9.1. Amount of Vacation 26 Section 9.2. Vacation Eligibility 26 Section 9.3. Vacation Scheduling 26 Section 9.4. Limitation on Accumulation of Vacation 27 Section 9.5. Pay Upon Separation 28 Section 9.6. Vacation Day Trades 28 ARTICLE X HOLIDAYS 29 Section 10.1. Holidays for Employees Assigned to 8-Hour Shifts. 29 Section 10.2. Holidays for Employees Assigned to 24-Hour Shifts 30 Section 10.3. Pay for Hirebacks on Holidays 30 ARTICLE XI INSURANCE 31 Section 11.1. Caferteria Benefits Plan 31 Section 11.2. Retirees Insurance 31 Section 11.3. Flexible Benefits Plan 31 Section 11.4. Right to Change Carriers 31 Section 11.5. Terms of Policies to Govern 32 Section 11.6. Right to Maintain Coverage While on Unpaid Leave or on Layoff 32 Section 11.7. Post Retirement Health Savings Plan 32 ARTICLE XII LEAVES OF ABSENCE 33 Section 12.1. Jury Duty 33 Section 12.2. Sick Leave 33 Section 12.3. Special Leaves Without Pay 34 Section 12.4. Bereavement Leave 34 Section 12.5. Emergency Leave for Illness/Injury in Immediate Family 34 Section 12.6. Witness Leave 35 Section 12.7. Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 36 Section 12.8. Pregnancy Leave/Maternity Leave 36 ARTICLE XIII SAFETY COMMITTEE 37 ARTICLE XIV MAINTENANCE OF SPECIFIC WORKING CONDITIONS 38 ARTICLE XV MISCELLANEOUS FRINGE BENEFITS 39 Section 15.1. Deferred Compensation Plan 39 Section 15.2. Credit Union 39 Section 15.3. Tuition Reimbursement 39 Section 15.4. Quartermaster System and Maintenance Allowance 39 Section 15.5. Sick Leave Incentive Plan 39 Section 15.6. Pay for Unused Sick Leave at Retirement 40 Section 15.7. Severance Pay 40 Section 15.8. Inoculations 40 Section 15.9. Eye Glass Replacement 41 ARTICLE XVI MISCELLANEOUS 42 Section 16.1. Outside Employment 42 Section 16.2. Pay Advance 42 Section 16.3. Gender of Words 42 Section 16.4. Physical Examinations 42 Section 16.5. Job Descriptions 42 Section 16.6. Posting of Formal Training Opportunities 43 Section 16.7. Released Time 43 Section 16.8. Resolution of Impasse 43 Section 16.9. Solicitation 43 Section 16.10. Physical Fitness Program 44 Section 16.11. Shift/Station Selection Process 44 Section 16.12. Subcontracting 48 ARTICLE XVII RIGHTS OF VILLAGE 49 ARTICLE XVIII NON-INTERRUPTION OF WORK 50 Section 18.1. No Strikes 50 Section 18.2. No Lockouts 50 ARTICLE XIX PROMOTIONS 51 Section 19.1. General 51 Section 19.2. Eligibility Requirements 51 Section 19.3. Components of the Promotional Process and the Weighting of Components 52 Section 19.4. Promotion Process Components 53 Section 19.5. Promotions Coordinator 58 Section 19.6. Monitors 58 Section 19.7. Scoring of Components and Posting of Preliminary Promotion List 59 Section 19.8. Veteran's Preference Points and Posting of Final Promotion List 59 Section 19.9. Order of Selection 60 Section 19.10. Duration of Final Promotion List 61 Section 19.11. Right to Review 61 ARTICLE XX SAVINGS CLAUSE 63 ARTICLE XXI ENTIRE AGREEMENT 64 ARTICLE XXII DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING 65 ARTICLE XXIII DURATION AND TERM 67 Section 23.1. Term of Agreement 67 Section 23.2. Continuing Effect 67 APPENDIX A VARIANCES FROM STATUTORY IMPASSE PROCEDURE 00 XXXXXXXX X ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS TESTING 69 APPENDIX C FIRE CHIEF’S EVALUATION INSTRUMENT 75 APPENDIX D VILLAGE’S CAFETERIA BENEFITS PLAN 00 XXXXXXXX X ADDITIONAL QUARTERMASTER ITEMS 77 APPENDIX F CURRENT LIST OF 40 HOUR OR LONGER OFFICE OF STATE FIRE MARSHAL COURSES 78 OCTOBER 23, 1990 MINIMUM STAFFING SIDE LETTER… 80 AGREEMENT This Agreement is made and entered into by and between the Village of Schaumburg (hereinafter referred to as the “Village”) and the Schaumburg Professional Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 4092 (hereinafter referred to as the “Union”).

  • Recognition of Association 16 X. Xxxxxxxx to and in accordance with all the applicable provisions of Act 176 of the Public Acts of 1939 and Act 336 of the Public Acts of 1947, as amended, EMU does hereby recognize the Association as the certified exclusive collective bargaining representative for all teaching Faculty employed by Eastern Michigan University, including professors, associate professors, assistant professors, instructors, media service managers*, coach/teachers* and librarians with Faculty rank; and excluding Deans, Directors, Department Heads and other supervisory employees, lecturers, visiting professors, adjunct professors, non-tenure track academic employees, career army personnel in the Department of Military Science, and all other employees. *In accordance with MERC cases #R75J-427 and R76A-1.

  • GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE 6 Section 3.01 Definitions 6 Section 3.02 Procedure 6 Section 3.03 Other Conditions 7 Article IV. LEAVES 8 Section 4.01 Sick Leave 8 Section 4.02 Bereavement Leave 9 Section 4.03 Personal Leave 9 Section 4.04 Leave Without Pay 9 Section 4.05 Association Leave 10 Section 4.06 Leave Day Calculation 10 Article V. EARNED VACATION DAYS, HOLIDAYS, AND E- LEARNING DAYS 10 Section 5.01 Earned Vacation Days 10 Section 5.02 Recognized Holidays 10 Section 5.03 E-Learning Days 11 Article VI. MEDICAL INSURANCE 11 Section 6.01 Premium Cost 11 Section 6.02 Insurance Committee 11 Article VII. SENIORITY, TRANSFERS, VACANCIES AND LAYOFFS 11 Section 7.01 Definition of Seniority 11 Section 7.02 Probationary Employees 12 Section 7.03 Classifications Without Bargaining Unit 12 Section 7.04 Seniority List 12 Section 7.05 Termination of Seniority 12 Section 7.06 Transfer to New Position 12 Section 7.07 Posting of Vacancies 13 Section 7.07A Posting of Vacancies – Bus Routes 13 Section 7.07B Trips 13 Section 7.08 Filling of Vacancies 14 Section 7.09 Layoffs, Reduction in Force and Elimination of Positions 14 Section 7.10 Recall From Layoff, Reduction in Force Elimination of Positions 15 Section 7.11 Notification of Tentative Assignment 15 Article VIII. PERSONNEL FILE 15 Section 8.01 General 15 Section 8.02 Right to Access 15 Section 8.03 Copies of Documents 15 Article IX. EVALUATION PROCEDURES 15 Section 9.01 Review of Procedures 15 Section 9.02 Informal Observations 16 Section 9.03 Formal Evaluations 16 Section 9.04 Post-Evaluation Procedures 16

  • Duty to Accommodate 36.01 The parties recognize their joint responsibility to accommodate injured workers. The employee’s job duties will be modified and/or they will be reassigned to a different work assignment where reasonably practicable. Employees have a responsibility to keep the Co-operative informed of their condition, provide proper medical documentation (related to their ability to perform their job and any restrictions) in a timely fashion, and accept reasonable assignments that make a productive contribution to the Co-operative’s operations.

  • Dispute resolution and applicable law 1. The Parties shall first attempt to settle amicably any dispute arising out of this Agreement. Any dispute shall be resolved by arbitration, ousting jurisdiction by ordinary courts, by a panel of three arbitrators. Each party to the dispute will nominate one arbitrator. These two arbitrators will then designate a third arbitrator who will also act as chairman. The arbitration decision shall be binding on the parties. The arbitration rules of the CEPANI shall be applicable. The place of any hearing shall be Brussels and the language of the arbitration shall be English. Each Party may at any time request from any competent judicial authority any interim or conservatory measure.

  • Remedies of the Association Section 5.01. Pursuant to Section 6.02 (h) of the General Conditions, the following additional events are specified:

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