Prepaid Expenses and Deposits Sample Clauses

Prepaid Expenses and Deposits. All right, title and interest in and to all prepaid expenses and deposits relating to the Business, including all security or other deposits held by any third party with respect to the Store / Headquarters and Distribution Center;
Prepaid Expenses and Deposits. Any and all prepaid expenses relating to the Business as well as any security or other deposits relating to any leases which are to be assumed by Buyer under this Agreement.
Prepaid Expenses and Deposits. All coin in the Pay Telephones at Closing for which Seller shall receive a credit at Closing, above and beyond the purchase price, based on polling procedures satisfactory to the parties.
Prepaid Expenses and Deposits. All deposits (including customer deposits and security deposits for rent, electricity, telephone or otherwise) and prepaid charges and expenses, including any prepaid rent, of Seller related to any of the Purchased Assets other than prepaid charges, expenses and rent under Personal Property Leases that is attributable to any period beginning prior to and ending on or before the Closing Date;
Prepaid Expenses and Deposits. Seller shall deliver to Purchaser at Closing a list of Seller's prepaid expenses and deposits as set out on Schedule 8.8 and certified by the Seller's chief financial officer which specifically shall set forth and certify the amount of all the prepaid expenses and deposits which are transferred to Purchaser as part of the Assets, and which shall certify that the amount of all prepaid expenses and deposits represent sums prepaid or deposited by Seller in connection with Assets transferred by Seller to Purchaser. Seller shall further certify that Purchaser shall have acquired all right, title and interest in and to such prepaid expenses and deposits, that there exists no default by Seller with respect to any of the contracts or agreements related to such prepaid expenses or deposits, and that no person holding any such prepaid expenses or deposits shall have indicated any reason to claim or retain such deposits, or indicated that they are not obligated to provide the materials or services contracted. 8.9.
Prepaid Expenses and Deposits. Subject to Article 3 hereof, all prepaid expenses and deposits of Seller relating to the Business (other than any amounts escrowed under this Agreement, if any, Seller's bank deposits and prepaid insurance), and all rights of Seller to receive discounts, refunds, rebates, awards and the like (other than those referred to in Section 1.2.6);
Prepaid Expenses and Deposits. All of Seller's prepaid expenses, deposits and cash-on-hand at the Closing (including deposits in bank accounts);
Prepaid Expenses and Deposits. Buyer will pay Seller an amount equal to the prepaid expense and deposit account balances, as of Closing Date,as