Policyholder Sample Clauses

Policyholder. The named applicant on the health insurance application. This individual is the person entitled to receive reimbursement for covered medical expenses and the return of any unearned premium. PRE-EXISTING CONDITION: A condition:
Policyholder. The named appli- cant on the application for health insurance. This individual is the person entitled to receive reimburse- ment for covered medical expenses and the return of any unearned premium.
Policyholder. Any individual or entity which is the owner of a Policy or which has the right to terminate or lapse the Policy, effect changes of beneficiary, coverage limits, add or terminate persons covered under such Policy or direct any other policy changes in such Policy.
Policyholder. The person, firm, company or organisation named as the Policyholder in the Policy Schedule.
Policyholder. As used in this Agreement, “Policyholder” shall mean with respect to each policy included in the Business, the named primary insured.
Policyholder. The person who buys a ticket through the booking engine of Brussels Airlines is automatically covered, if he subscribes and pays for the annulation insurance.
Policyholder a person who has entered into an insurance agreement with Compensa and has an insurable interest in respect of the object of insurance (hereinafter also referred to as ‘insured service’). The existence of an insurable interest is subject to the existence of liability for organising the carriage of cargo, arising from the contract for the service to be provided by the policyholder, i.e. the policyholder acts as a freight forwarder or as a provider of another insured service indicated in the insurance agreement. In the context of performance of obligations arising from the insurance agreement, the insured person is deemed equivalent to the policyholder.
Policyholder. Medical Helpline Worldwide GmbH, Xxxx-Xxxxxxxxxx-Xxx. 00, 00000 Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxx Liability claims arising from the policyholder’s operational activities are not insured. The policyholder shall only represent all insured persons under Clause 1.01.2 upon the submission and acceptance of declarations of intent and is the sole party liable to pay the premium to the insurer.
Policyholder. Policyholder" means the owner or holder of one or more Policies.