Lender Party definition

Lender Party or “Lender Parties” shall, unless otherwise expressly indicated, include Citibank in its individual capacity. Citibank and its Affiliates may accept deposits from, lend money to, act as trustee under indentures of, accept investment banking engagements from and generally engage in any kind of business with, any Loan Party, any Subsidiary of any Loan Party and any Person that may do business with or own securities of any Loan Party or any such Subsidiary, all as if Citibank were not the Administrative Agent and without any duty to account therefor to the Lender Parties.
Lender Party means any Lender, the Issuing Bank or the Swing Line Bank.
Lender Party means any Lender or any Issuing Bank.

Examples of Lender Party in a sentence

  • Each Loan Party agrees that it will not claim that any Lender Party has rendered advisory services of any nature or respect, or owes a fiduciary or similar duty to such Loan Party, in connection with such transaction or the process leading thereto.

  • Each Loan Party agrees that nothing in the Loan Documents or otherwise will be deemed to create an advisory, fiduciary or agency relationship or fiduciary or other implied duty between any Lender Party, on the one hand, and such Loan Party, its stockholders or its Affiliates, on the other, except as otherwise explicitly provided herein.

More Definitions of Lender Party

Lender Party means any Investor, the Swingline Lender or the L/C Provider and “Lender Parties” means the Investors, the Swingline Lender and the L/C Provider, collectively.
Lender Party means, as the context may require, any Lender or the Agent and each of its respective successors, transferees and assigns.
Lender Party means any Lender.
Lender Party shall refer not only to each Person designated as such in Section 1.1 but also to each director, officer, agent, attorney, employee, representative and Affiliate of such Person.
Lender Party means the Administrative Agent or any other Lender.
Lender Party means the Administrative Agent and each Lender.