Other Commercial Sample Clauses

Other Commercial. If Lessee uses Geothermal Resources and/or Substances at a commercial facility other than an electric power generating facility, a royalty of [***] of the net profits produced by such commercial operation, net profits being the proceeds generated by Lessee, less all associated costs to Lessee including but not limited to any plant, facility and/or operational costs and of any transmission or transportation to the point of use if used off the Premises or off of any area pooled or unitized with the Premises (the “Unit Area”), as the case may be.

Related to Other Commercial

  • Commercial The minimum commercial area in the Town Centre is to be 2 000m2 Gross Leaseable Area (measured in accordance with the BOMA method of measurement). The Town Centre is to accommodate the following uses — Tavern, Restaurant, Food outlets, Newsagency, Pharmacy, Delicatessen, Liquor Store, Boat Brokerage, Bank, Leisurewear Boutiques, Gift/Duty Free Shop, Sporting Goods.

  • Commercial Practices Borrower assumes all risks of the acts or omissions of any LC Beneficiary or transferees of any Letter of Credit with respect to the use of such Letter of Credit. Borrower agrees that neither any LC Issuing Bank, Administrative Agent nor any Lender (nor any of their respective directors, officers, or employees) shall be liable or responsible for: (a) the use which may be made of any Letter of Credit or for any acts or omissions of any LC Beneficiary or transferee in connection therewith; (b) any reference which may be made to this Agreement or to any Letter of Credit in any agreements, instruments or other documents; (c) the validity, sufficiency or genuineness of documents other than the Letters of Credit, or of any endorsement(s) thereon, even if such documents should in fact prove to be in any or all respects invalid, insufficient, fraudulent or forged or any statement therein proved to be untrue or inaccurate in any respect whatsoever; (d) payment by any LC Issuing Bank against presentation of documents which do not strictly comply with the terms of the applicable Letter of Credit, including failure of any documents to bear any reference or adequate reference to such Letter of Credit; or (e) any other circumstances whatsoever in making or failing to make payment under any Letter of Credit, except only that an LC Issuing Bank shall be liable to Borrower for acts or events described in clauses (a) through (e) above, to the extent, but only to the extent, of any direct damages, as opposed to indirect, special or consequential damages, suffered by Borrower which Borrower proves were caused by (i) any LC Issuing Bank’s willful misconduct or gross negligence in determining whether a drawing made under the applicable Letter of Credit complies with the terms and conditions therefor stated in such Letter of Credit or (ii) any LC Issuing Bank’s willful failure to pay under any Letter of Credit after a drawing by the respective LC Beneficiary strictly complying with the terms and conditions of the applicable Letter of Credit. Without limiting the foregoing, any LC Issuing Bank may accept any document that appears on its face to be in order, without responsibility for further investigation. Borrower hereby waives any right to object to any payment made under a Letter of Credit with regard to a drawing that is in the form provided in such Letter of Credit but which varies with respect to punctuation (except punctuation with respect to any Dollar amount specified therein), capitalization, spelling or similar matters of form.

  • Good Faith and Commercially Reasonable Manner Performance of all obligations under this Annex, including, but not limited to, all calculations, valuations and determinations made by either party, will be made in good faith and in a commercially reasonable manner.

  • Normal Commercial Relations Anything contained in this Trust Indenture to the contrary notwithstanding. Owner and Mortgagee may conduct any banking or other financial transactions, and have banking or other commercial relationships, with Owner, fully to the same extent as if this Trust Indenture were not in effect, including without limitation the making of loans or other extensions of credit to Owner for any purpose whatsoever, whether related to any of the transactions contemplated hereby or otherwise.

  • Extended Health Care The Hospital shall contribute on behalf of each eligible employee seventy-five percent (75%) of the billed premium under the Extended Health Care Plan (Liberty Health $15-25 deductible plan including hearing aids with a maximum of $300.00 per person and vision care with a maximum of $150.00 every 24 months per person, or its equivalent) provided the balance of the monthly premium is paid by employees through payroll deduction. Any Hospital currently paying more than 75% of the premium shall continue to do so. The drug formulary shall be as defined by Liberty Health Formulary Three.

  • Commercial Purposes Borrower intends to use the Loan proceeds solely for business or commercial related purposes.

  • Extended Health Fifty percent (50%) of the billed premium towards coverage of eligible nurses in the active employ for the Extended Health Care Benefits as provided under the VON National Group Insurance Plan, provided that the balance of the premium is paid by each nurse through payroll deductions.

  • Commercial Supply Nuvios shall be solely and exclusively responsible for the manufacture, in accordance with good manufacturing practice, and supply of commercial quantities of Licensed Product in the Territory (including France) and Japan after receipt of Regulatory Approval therefore in the applicable jurisdiction or jurisdictions. With respect to Japan: Nuvios shall supply commercial quantities of finished and fully labeled Licensed Product (and shall provide any clinical supplies that may be required after obtaining Regulatory Approval) to Ipsen for Teijin in Japan at a supply price equal to 10% of net sales in Japan. Should the manufacturing costs be anticipated to exceed 10% of net sales in Japan, as evidenced by Nuvios, then the Parties shall discuss in good faith to define a new supply price which shall be no less than a supply price equal to such manufacturing costs plus a reasonable markup (not to exceed [*] percent of such manufacturing costs). With respect to France if Ipsen has elected to co-market Licensed Product in France: Nuvios shall supply commercial quantities of finished and fully labeled Licensed Product (and shall provide any clinical supplies that may be required after obtaining Regulatory Approval) to Ipsen for France at a supply price equal to (i) for commercial supplies, Nuvios’ Manufacturing Cost plus a [*] percent ([*] %) margin, and (ii) for clinical supplies, Nuvious Manufacturing Cost. The Parties, with respect to the supply of Licensed Product for France and for Japan contemplated pursuant to this Section 9.3, shall agree on the terms of a commercial supply agreement and a technical agreement no later than the date of first NDA filing for Licensed Product in the corresponding country. It shall be a condition precedent to Nuvios’ supply obligations under this Section 9.3 that the Parties shall have agreed upon the terms of, and executed and delivered to each other, such supply agreement and such technical agreement. Without limiting the foregoing provisions of this paragraph, such agreements should provide standard provisions commonly used in the industry, including: · that Ipsen or Teijin shall provide binding forecasts of the clinical and commercial quantities of Licensed Product required for Japan, · that Nuvios or its contractor shall manufacture in accordance with good manufacturing practice and supply Licensed Product compliant to specifications, · that disruption of supply shall be remedied by equitable sharing of available stock, · that Ipsen or Teijin shall bear the costs (including, without limitation, capital costs) associated with establishing any special manufacturing process or changing any established manufacturing process, in either case that may be required in Japan for the manufacture of Licensed Product but is not required in the Territory, · audit of the manufacturing facility and the manufacturing process implemented in the manufacture of Licensed Compound and Licensed Product so as to ensure that Nuvios or its contractor manufactures in accordance with good manufacturing * Confidential Treatment Requested by the Registrant. Redacted Portion Filed Separately with the Commission. practice and the Regulatory Approvals, including the Japanese Regulatory Approvals; · audit of Nuvios’ or its contractor’s Manufacturing Cost and that upon request from Ipsen, Nuvios will provide to Ipsen a certificate from the Nuvios auditors confirming the determination of Manufacturing Cost in accordance with IAS as consistently applied by Nuvios or its contractor in determining the cost of goods.

  • Commercial Diligence Upon execution of this Agreement, Licensee shall diligently proceed with Commercially Diligent Efforts to develop, manufacture, practice, sell, and use the Licensed Products and/or Licensed Methods in order to make them readily available to the general public as soon as possible on commercially reasonable terms. Licensee shall continue active, Commercially Diligent Efforts for one or more Licensed Product(s) and/or Licensed Method(s) throughout the term of this Agreement (“Actively Commercializing”). In addition, Licensee shall perform at least the following obligations as part of its due diligence activities hereunder: [NOTE: The specific Due Diligence milestones in Section 5.1 are representative only; others may be substituted as long as they are objective and related to successful commercialization]

  • Commercial Purpose Borrower represents that Borrower is incurring the Indebtedness solely for the purpose of carrying on a business or commercial enterprise, and not for personal, family, household, or agricultural purposes.