Other Capitalized Terms Sample Clauses

Other Capitalized Terms. All capitalized terms used in this Amendment and not specifically defined herein shall have the definitions assigned to such terms in the Credit Agreement.
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Other Capitalized Terms. The following terms shall have the meanings specified in the indicated section of this Agreement: Term Section Accounting Firm 2.6(c) Accounts Receivable 4.26 Additional Transfer Documents 3.2(a)(iii) ADSP 6.3(c)(iii) ADSP Allocation 6.3(c)(iii) Agreed Amount 10.6(b) Agreement Preamble Allocation Schedule 6.3(b)(i) Alternative Financing 6.18(b) Assumed Liabilities 2.3 Assumed Taxes 10.3(d) Audited Financial Statements 4.10(a) Base Consideration 2.5 Xxxx of Sale and Assumption Agreement 3.2(a)(iii) Business Recitals Business Confidential Information 6.15 Term Section Business Permits 4.25 Cap 10.4(a) Claim Period 10.6(a) Claimed Amount 10.6(a) Closing 3.1 Closing Date 3.1 Closing Purchase Price 2.5 Closing Statement 2.6(b) Continuing Employees 6.10(a) De Minimis Amount 10.4(a) Debt Financing Failure Event 6.18(b) Disclosed Matter 6.26 Disclosed Matter Notice 6.26 Dispute 10.6(c) Escrow Account 2.7 Escrow Amount 2.5 Excluded Assets 2.2 Excluded Liabilities 2.4 Expiration Date 10.1(a) Final Closing Purchase Price 2.6(e) Financial Statements 4.10(a) FSA Plan 6.10(i) Indemnified Party 10.6(a) Indemnifying Party 10.6(a) Interim Financial Statements 4.10(a) IP Assignment Agreements 3.2(a)(xi) Latest Balance Sheet 4.10(a) Lease Assignment and Assumption Agreement 3.2(a)(iv) Leased Real Property 4.17(b) Lender 1.1 Licensed Intellectual Property 4.16(a) Material Contracts 4.14(a) Nonassignable Asset 2.8(a) Notice of Claim 10.6(a) Objections Notice 6.3(b)(ii) Owned Intellectual Property 4.16(a) Parent Seller Preamble Post-Closing Collection Amounts 6.8(a) Post-Signing Returns 6.3(a)(ii) Pre-Closing Statement 2.6(a) Pre-Closing Taxes 10.2(d) Privacy Policy 4.16(g) Purchaser Preamble Purchaser HRA Account 6.10(l) Purchaser HRA Plan 6.10(l) Term Section Purchaser HSA Account 6.10(l) Purchaser HSA Plan 6.10(l) Purchaser Related Parties 9.3(c) Related Terms 6.23(c) Release Date 10.1(a) Response 10.6(b) Response Period 6.3(b)(ii) Restricted Competitive Products 1.1 Restrictive Covenants 6.12(b) Retention Agreements Recitals Retiree Medical Eligible Transferred Employee 6.10(h) Retiree Medical Plan 6.10(h) Review Period 10.6(b) Section 338 Forms 6.3(c)(ii) Section 338(h)(10) Elections 6.3(c)(i) Seller Preamble Seller Bonds 4.31 Seller HRA Account 6.10(l) Seller HRA Plan 6.10(l) Sellers Preamble Sellers’ 401(k) Plan 6.10(g) Straddle Period 6.3(g) Sublease 3.2(a)(xiv) Tax Contest 6.5 Termination Date 9.1(d) Third Party Claim 10.7(a) Third Party Claim Notice 10.7(a) Threshold ...
Other Capitalized Terms. If any capitalized term is used in this Agreement and no separate definition is contained in this Agreement, then such term shall have the same respective definition as set forth in the Lease.
Other Capitalized Terms. Any other capitalized terms used without further definition herein shall have the respective meaning set forth in the UCC.
Other Capitalized Terms. Capitalized terms used but not defined herein shall have the meanings given to them in the Purchase Agreement.
Other Capitalized Terms. Capitalized terms (other than those specifically defined herein) shall have the same meanings ascribed to them in the Severance Plan.
Other Capitalized Terms. Capitalized terms not otherwise defined in Section 1.1 shall have the meanings given them elsewhere in this Agreement.
Other Capitalized Terms. Capitalized terms not defined in this Employee Matters Agreement, including the following, will have the meanings ascribed to them in the Separation Agreement: • Action • Affiliate • Ancillary Agreements • Bearings Entities • Bearings Group • Damages • Distribution DateDistribution RatioGovernmental Authority • Law • Liability • Person • Shared LiabilitySteel Business • Subsidiary • Tax • Third Party • Third-Party ClaimTimken Common Shares • TimkenSteel Entities • TimkenSteel Former Businesses • TimkenSteel Group • TimkenSteel Litigation • Transition Services Agreement
Other Capitalized Terms. All capitalized terms used herein and not defined shall have the meanings set forth in the Equity Incentive Plan.