Option Agreements Sample Clauses

Option Agreements. To the extent not expressly amended hereby, the Agreements remain in full force and effect.
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Option Agreements. Stockholder possesses a present right to acquire _______ shares of common stock of Exsorbet pursuant to an option agreement or agreements, copies of which are attached hereto. Stockholder will not transfer, extinguish or assign any of such options or rights thereunder until expiration of this option agreement.
Option Agreements. After the Effective Time, each holder of an Option outstanding immediately before the Effective Time will be deemed to hold an option exercisable for ESI Common Stock in accordance with the provisions of Section 1.3.3.
Option Agreements. (E) The following agreements have been agreed and approved by the Parties and have been or will be signed on or about the Execution Date: (i) OJSC Account Pledges and Seller Account Pledges; and (ii) the Settlement Agreement.
Option Agreements. All material option or lease option agreements concerning mining interests to which the Company or a Subsidiary is a party or otherwise bound, are in good standing and there are no material Liens registered or outstanding against the interests therein or the property related thereto, except in accordance with such option agreements or as set forth in the Offering Documents; all payment obligations thereunder have been met and, to the knowledge of the Company, the title to the property held by the optionholders to which the option agreements relate are good and marketable and held by the titleholders who are parties to the respective option agreements.
Option Agreements. Each outstanding option agreement executed in connection with an option grant pursuant to the Option Plans is in substantially the form attached as an exhibit to the Company's 1995 Stock Option Plan.
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Option Agreements. The Company and certain key employees of the Company shall enter into those certain Option Agreements (the “Option Agreements”) in form and substance as set forth in Exhibit M attached hereto.
Option Agreements. As soon as practicable (and in no event later than 30 days prior to Closing), the Company shall amend those grant agreements governing Company Options as shall be mutually identified by Company and Parent, to provide that such Company Options shall only become vested and exercisable immediately prior to a Change in Control, as defined under Code Section 409A and the Treasury regulations and available guidance issued thereunder. The Company shall take all actions necessary for such amendments to be enforceable, including, without limitation, obtaining the written consent of each affected option holder to the amendment to his or her option grant agreement.
Option Agreements. Developer has negotiated and obtained a fully executed and assignable land option agreement (the "Option Agreement") attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit A to purchase the Land on which the Project will be constructed.
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