No Recording Sample Clauses

No Recording. Purchaser shall not cause or allow this Contract or any contract or other document related hereto, nor any memorandum or other evidence hereof, to be recorded or become a public record without Seller’s prior written consent, which consent may be withheld at Seller’s sole discretion. If Purchaser records this Contract or any other memorandum or evidence thereof, Purchaser shall be in default of its obligations under this Contract. Purchaser hereby appoints Seller as Purchaser’s attorney-in-fact to prepare and record any documents necessary to effect the nullification and release of the Contract or other memorandum or evidence thereof from the public records. This appointment shall be coupled with an interest and irrevocable.
No Recording. Neither this Agreement or any memorandum or short form thereof may be recorded by Buyer.
No Recording. Neither this Agreement nor any memorandum or short form hereof shall be recorded or filed in any public land or other public records of any jurisdiction, by either party and any attempt to do so may be treated by the other party as a breach of this Agreement.
No Recording. The parties hereto agree that neither this Agreement nor any affidavit or memorandum concerning it will be recorded and any recording of this Agreement or any such affidavit or memorandum by Purchaser will be deemed a default by Purchaser hereunder.
No Recording. The provisions hereof shall not constitute a lien on the Property. Neither Purchaser nor its agents or representatives shall record or file this Agreement or any notice or memorandum hereof in any registry of deeds or registry district of the Land Court, including without limitation any lis pendens. If Purchaser breaches the foregoing provision, this Agreement shall, at Seller’s election, terminate, and Seller shall retain the Deposit in accordance with Section 10.2 in addition to such other remedies Seller may have at law or in equity. Purchaser hereby irrevocably appoints Seller as its true and lawful attorney-in-fact, coupled with an interest, for the purpose of executing and recording such documents and performing such other acts as may be necessary to terminate any recording or filing of this Agreement in violation of this provision.
No Recording. Neither this Agreement nor any memorandum hereof, or any other instrument intended to give notice hereof (or which actually gives notice hereof) shall be recorded.
No Recording. Neither this Agreement nor any memorandum or short form thereof may be recorded by Purchaser. A violation of this prohibition shall constitute a material breach by Purchaser of this Agreement.
No Recording. Buyer shall not record the Agreement or this Addendum, or a memorandum of the Agreement or Addendum.