Deliverable Sample Clauses

Deliverable. Each (1) Good, Service, Maintenance Services, Improvement, Material, Documentation, System, process or information of any type, whether stand-alone or intended as part of the integration of the System with existing hardware or software of the State, and whether or not used for administrative, maintenance, consulting, training, data warehousing, operations, support, hosting, or fulfillment of Performance; and (2) warranty of a Deliverable(s) that is listed in the Pricing Schedule or provided by Contractor as an element of Contractor’s overall approach and solution to the requirements of this Contract. Any one of them or a combination of any of them may be developed or produced by Contractor or by a third party as a supplier or subcontractor to Contractor.
Deliverable. [Insert a description of the deliverable.]
Deliverable. Anything that can be physically delivered, but may include non-manufactured things such as meeting minutes or reports.
Deliverable. Any product, service, or warranty that is required to be delivered to the Department under this Contract or available under Exhibit 4, or both, whether produced by the Contractor or by a third party as a supplier or subcontractor to the Contractor.
Deliverable. Any Contractor-provided products, supplies, services or work product described in the specifications of the Contract.
Deliverable. ‌ The embodiment of the work performed by Supplier or any combination of Services, Maintenance Services, Licensed Services, Application, Solution, Solution Component, Software, System Software, plans, reports, data, Product, Supplier Product, and Updates, including any and all components, provided or delivered by the Supplier in fulfilling its obligations under the Contract or as identified in the applicable SOW or order. “Deliverable” also means the development or creation of Work Product, if Work Product is authorized under the Contract.
Deliverable. The Construction Manager shall provide a detailed schedule(s) in (1) Microsoft Project or equal for pre-construction and (2) Primavera P6 for Windows or equal for construction, which will be updated, at a minimum, at major design milestones designated by the Department as necessary. The schedule shall include a narrative report documenting key critical path elements of the schedule and the critical assumptions and/or decisions that may impact schedule adherence, including construction phasing or sequencing and long-lead items. The Construction Manager shall also include in the report any acceleration opportunities and the cost (or savings) and prerequisites thereof and the extent of the potential acceleration.
Deliverable. The Construction Manager shall provide a construction cost estimate for the Project during each design milestone meeting, at a minimum. The construction estimate shall be provided in two separate formats, one that is consistent with the production-based cost model and one that is consistent with the engineer’s estimate (formatted in an Excel spreadsheet with bid item descriptions, quantities, and units). The estimate shall reflect and be consistent with the agreed upon methods and measurements of payment anticipated for each bid item and in accordance with the requirements listed in Section 4. The Construction Manager shall also provide a narrative report documenting the summary of markups, escalation, overhead, profit, and contingency. The report shall document critical assumptions, clarifications, and/or decisions of costing that may impact the fluctuations in pricing adherence and a description of allowances and exclusions. Materials selection and cost forecasting and life cycle cost analysis should also be covered in the report. The Department will review the submitted estimates and identify items not in agreement among the CM, ICE, and Department. The Construction Manager will be required to attend construction estimate review meetings as necessary to discuss assumptions and allocations associated with unit prices not in agreement. The construction schedule submitted under Task 7 shall coincide with the production and phasing assumptions used in the development of these cost estimates.
Deliverable. The Construction Manager shall submit written documentation for the innovation register of all suggested innovations during each design milestone meeting, at a minimum. The Construction Manager shall also submit, at the time of the Construction GMP bid or fixed price bid, a report that summarizes both the innovations considered and the innovations implemented. Refer to Task 12 herein for further information regarding the Construction GMP bid and the fixed price bid.
Deliverable. A report or item that must be completed and delivered under the terms of the CTSA or a TEX-AN NG Customer Services Agreement. The measurable result or output of a process prepared, developed or procured by Vendor as part of the Services under the CTSA or a TEX-AN NG Customer Services Agreement.