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Menu Bar. The Menu Bar can be included on any page as defined by the Publisher and it can display different elements according to the page it displays on. The elements that can be included are links to the following: Home Page, Your Home Page, List of Journals, List of Issues, Table of Contents, Notify A Colleague, Search and Help.

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  • Shift Rotation Routine shift rotation is not an approach to staffing endorsed by the Employer. Except for emergency situations where it may be necessary to provide safe patient care, shift rotation will not be utilized without mutual consent. If such an occasion should ever occur, volunteers will be sought first. If no one volunteers, the Employer will rotate shifts on an inverse seniority basis until the staff vacancies are filled.

  • Customer Service Standards The Franchising Authority hereby adopts the customer service standards set forth in Part 76, §76.309 of the FCC’s rules and regulations, as amended. The Grantee shall comply in all respects with the customer service requirements established by the FCC.

  • Destination CSU-Pueblo scholarship This articulation transfer agreement replaces all previous agreements between FRCC and CSU-Pueblo in Bachelor of Art in Music Education. This agreement will be reviewed annually and revised (if necessary) as mutually agreed.

  • Xxxxxxx, 265 Cal App. 2d 40 (1968). By executing this Guaranty, Holdings freely, irrevocably, and unconditionally: (i) waives and relinquishes that defense and agrees that Holdings will be fully liable under this Guaranty even though the Secured Parties may foreclose, either by judicial foreclosure or by exercise of power of sale, any deed of trust securing the Obligations; (ii) agrees that Holdings will not assert that defense in any action or proceeding which the Secured Parties may commence to enforce this Guaranty; (iii) acknowledges and agrees that the rights and defenses waived by Holdings in this Guaranty include any right or defense that Holdings may have or be entitled to assert based upon or arising out of any one or more of §§ 580a, 580b, 580d, or 726 of the California Code of Civil Procedure or § 2848 of the California Civil Code; and (iv) acknowledges and agrees that the Secured Parties are relying on this waiver in creating the Obligations, and that this waiver is a material part of the consideration which the Secured Parties are receiving for creating the Obligations.

  • Provisioning BellSouth shall provision services during its regular working hours. To the extent Freedom requests provisioning of service to be performed outside BellSouth’s regular working hours, or the work so requested requires BellSouth’s technicians or project managers to work outside of regular working hours, overtime charges set forth in BellSouth’s State E Tariff, Section 13.2, shall apply. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if such work is performed outside of regular working hours by a BellSouth technician or project manager during his or her scheduled shift and BellSouth does not incur any overtime charges in performing the work on behalf of Freedom, BellSouth will not assess Freedom additional charges beyond the rates and charges specified in this Agreement.

  • Customer Service A. PRIMARY ACCOUNT REPRESENTATIVE. Vendor will assign an Account Representative to Sourcewell for this Contract and must provide prompt notice to Sourcewell if that person is changed. The Account Representative will be responsible for: • Maintenance and management of this Contract; • Timely response to all Sourcewell and Participating Entity inquiries; and • Business reviews to Sourcewell and Participating Entities, if applicable.

  • Loop Provisioning Involving Integrated Digital Loop Carriers 2.6.1 Where e-Tel has requested an Unbundled Loop and BellSouth uses IDLC systems to provide the local service to the End User and BellSouth has a suitable alternate facility available, BellSouth will make such alternative facilities available to e-Tel. If a suitable alternative facility is not available, then to the extent it is technically feasible, BellSouth will implement one of the following alternative arrangements for e-Tel (e.g. hairpinning):

  • Architecture All Redeveloper Improvements shall have consistent architectural features, detailing, and design elements in accordance with the Project Schematic Drawings. All accessory building walls, screening walls, or fences shall use the same primary material, color, and detailing as on the main buildings, unless shown differently on approved Exterior Construction Documents.

  • Layout a. Estimate and quantity sheet

  • Design Review Tenant's Storefront design will be subject to Landlord's approval and will be in harmony with the overall quality and character of the mall. Landlord will review each Storefront design carefully to ensure the suitability of the design to the merchandise sold within the store and to the store's location within the mall. Landlord also reserves the right to modify Tenant's design and material election for the Storefront.