Provisioning Sample Clauses

Provisioning. BellSouth shall provision services during its regular working hours. To the extent Freedom requests provisioning of service to be performed outside BellSouth’s regular working hours, or the work so requested requires BellSouth’s technicians or project managers to work outside of regular working hours, overtime charges set forth in BellSouth’s State E Tariff, Section 13.2, shall apply. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if such work is performed outside of regular working hours by a BellSouth technician or project manager during his or her scheduled shift and BellSouth does not incur any overtime charges in performing the work on behalf of Freedom, BellSouth will not assess Freedom additional charges beyond the rates and charges specified in this Agreement.
Provisioning. Provisioning is the set of activities required to install, change or disconnect a Customer’s service. It includes the functions to establish or condition physical facilities as well as the completion of any required software translations to define the feature functionality of the service. Provisioning also involves communication between SPRINT and VERIZON on the status of a service order, including any delay in meeting the commitment date and the time at which actual completion of service installation has occurred. Measurements in this category evaluate the quality of service installations, the efficiency of the installation process and the timeliness of notifications to SPRINT that installation is completed or has been delayed.
Provisioning. Provisioning: SBC-AMERITECH will not guarantee that the local loop(s) ordered will perform as desired by CLEC for xDSL-based, HFPL, or other advanced services, but will guarantee metallic loop parameters, as relates to POTS design. On loops where CLEC has requested that no conditioning be performed, SBC- AMERITECH’s maintenance will be limited to verifying loop suitability based on POTS design or the loop makeup information. For loops having had partial or extensive conditioning performed at CLEC’s request, SBC-AMERITECH will verify continuity, the completion of all requested conditioning, and will repair at no charge to CLEC any defects which would be unacceptable based on current POTS design criteria and which do not result from the loop's modified design. For loops less than 12,000 feet, SBC- AMERITECH will remove load coils, repeaters, and excessive bridged taps (i.e. those exceeding 2500 feet total length, or 2000 feet single length, or within 500 feet of the customer or the Central Office) at no charge to CLEC.
Provisioning. 2.2.1 The Parties shall provision services during regular business hours as listed in a Party’s Operations Publications. To the extent NSP requests provisioning of service to be performed outside the OSP regular business hours or the work so requested requires OSP’s technicians or project managers to work outside of regular working hours and the NSP has approved work outside of regular working hours, overtime charges shall apply as specified in the Pricing Attachment to this Agreement.
Provisioning. MSG will provision the Operating Base to support the operation and maintenance of the Aircraft.
Provisioning. CSC will provision the Operating Base to support the operation and maintenance of the Aircraft, subject to budget approval by Client.
Provisioning. 29.6.1 After receipt and acceptance of an LSR, GTE shall provision such LSR in accordance with the following Intervals and in accordance with the service parity standards and other performance standards specified in Section 11 and Attachment 12.
Provisioning. VERIZON agrees to provide UNEs and UNE-Ps in a timely manner, in accordance with Article 1, Section 3.6 (OSS Performance Measures), considering the need and volume of requests, pursuant to agreed upon service provisioning intervals. VERIZON shall provide power to ordered UNEs and UNE-Ps on the same basis as VERIZON provides power to itself. UNEs and UNE-Ps will be provided only when facilities are Currently Available. If facilities are not Currently Available, Sprint will be notified and the order will be rejected. For loop orders, if VERIZON has planned an installation of facilities to augment the exhausted facilities, that date will be provided to Sprint on the jeopardy report from the VERIZON ordering center (NOMC). Upon installation of VERIZON facilities, those facilities will be made available to Sprint on a first come, first served basis. The determination of whether or not facilities are Currently Available will be made on a case- by-case basis. Sprint may use the Bona Fide Request (BFR) process to request VERIZON to construct facilities at Sprint’s expense. VERIZON will use the following guidelines to determine if facilities are Currently Available to provision a requested UNE or UNE-P.
Provisioning. Either party shall notify the other as soon as it becomes aware of any jeopardy condition which may arise that would jeopardize BellSouth’s committed due date or OC-TS, as applicable, of providing service to AT&T.
Provisioning. Provisioning is fully automated with the orchestration and provisioning software designed and maintained by Amsio. The actual creation of the service can and must be done through a self-service portal provided by Amsio and is available to partners. The same self-service portal needs to be used to decommission or destroy an instance. The invoicing will stop after the month in which this occurs. Noordzee 10/A 3144 DB Maassluis Tel +31 (0)888007522 CC Rotterdam 62931547 BIC ABNANL2A P.O. box 505 3140 AM Maassluis Email VAT NL855020350B01 IBAN NL26ABNA0573590192 EUR The Netherlands Internet BANK ABNAMRO NL39ABNA0573590346 USD