Issued Sample Clauses

Issued. This Record of Decision for the Management of Spent Nuclear Fuel from the K Basins at the Hanford Site, Richland, Washington is issued by the Department of Energy, Richland Operations Office, Richland, Washington on March 4, 1996. John D. Wagoner, Manager, DOE Richland Operations Office. [FR Doc. 96–6291 Filed 3–14–96; 8:45 am] BILLING CODE 6450–01–P applicants submit their requests in writing no later than March 29, 1996.
Issued. 1,000 ordinary shares of 1 cent each 10 The directors are authorised, by resolution of the shareholders and until the forthcoming Annual General Meeting, to dispose of the unissued shares for any purpose and upon such terms and conditions as they see fit.
Issued. There are issued and outstanding __________ shares ------- of Common Stock. A list of all the shareholders of the Company with the number of shares owned by each shareholder as of the date hereof is set forth in the Disclosure Schedule. All such issued and outstanding shares have been duly authorized and validly issued, are fully paid and nonassessable and were issued in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws concerning the issuance of securities.
Issued. ‘‘Issued’’ means prepared by and, where required under a Party’s domestic law or regulation, signed by the importer, exporter, or producer of the good;

Related to Issued

  • Issuance Subject to the terms and conditions hereof and of the LOC Documents, if any, and any other terms and conditions which the Issuing Lenders may reasonably require, during the Commitment Period each Issuing Lender shall issue, and the Revolving Lenders shall participate in, Letters of Credit for the account of the Borrower from time to time upon request in a form acceptable to the applicable Issuing Lender; provided, however, that (i) the aggregate principal amount of LOC Obligations shall not at any time exceed THIRTY-SEVEN MILLION, FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ($37,500,000) (the “LOC Committed Amount”), (ii) the sum of the aggregate principal amount of outstanding Revolving Loans plus the aggregate principal amount of outstanding LOC Obligations shall not at any time exceed the Revolving Committed Amount then in effect, (iii) no Issuing Lender will be required to issue Letters of Credit in an aggregate amount in excess of such Issuing Lender’s Issuing Lender Sublimit, (iv) all Letters of Credit shall be denominated in Dollars and (v) Letters of Credit shall be issued for any lawful corporate purposes and may be issued as standby letters of credit, including in connection with workers’ compensation and other insurance programs and commercial letters of credit. Except as otherwise expressly agreed upon by all the Revolving Lenders, no Letter of Credit shall have an original expiry date more than twelve (12) months from the date of issuance; provided, however, so long as no Default or Event of Default has occurred and is continuing and subject to the other terms and conditions to the issuance of Letters of Credit hereunder, the expiry dates of Letters of Credit may be extended annually or periodically from time to time on the request of the Borrower or by operation of the terms of the applicable Letter of Credit to a date not more than twelve (12) months from the date of extension; provided, further, that no Letter of Credit, as originally issued or as extended, shall have an expiry date extending beyond the date that is thirty (30) days prior to the Maturity Date. Each Letter of Credit shall comply with the related LOC Documents. The issuance and expiry date of each Letter of Credit shall be a Business Day. Each Letter of Credit issued hereunder shall be in a minimum original face amount of $100,000 or such lesser amount as approved by the applicable Issuing Lender. The Borrower’s Reimbursement Obligations in respect of each Existing Letter of Credit, and each Revolving Lender’s participation obligations in connection therewith, shall be governed by the terms of this Credit Agreement. The Existing Letters of Credit shall, as of the Closing Date, be deemed to have been issued as Letters of Credit hereunder and subject to and governed by the terms of this Agreement.

  • Issuance of Ordinary Shares As soon as practicable after the exercise of any Warrant and the clearance of the funds in payment of the Warrant Price (if any), the Company shall issue to the registered holder of such Warrant a certificate or certificates, or book entry position, for the number of Ordinary Shares to which he, she or it is entitled, registered in such name or names as may be directed by him, her or it, and if such Warrant shall not have been exercised in full, a new countersigned Warrant, or book entry position, for the number of shares as to which such Warrant shall not have been exercised. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in no event will the Company be required to net cash settle the Warrant exercise. No Warrant shall be exercisable for cash and the Company shall not be obligated to issue Ordinary Shares upon exercise of a Warrant unless the Ordinary Shares issuable upon such Warrant exercise has been registered, qualified or deemed to be exempt under the securities laws of the state of residence of the registered holder of the Warrants. In the event that the condition in the immediately preceding sentence is not satisfied with respect to a Warrant, the holder of such Warrant shall not be entitled to exercise such Warrant for cash and such Warrant may have no value and expire worthless, in which case the purchaser of a Unit containing such Warrants shall have paid the full purchase price for the Unit solely for the Ordinary Shares underlying such Unit. Warrants may not be exercised by, or securities issued to, any registered holder in any state in which such exercise or issuance would be unlawful.

  • Trust Certificates Nonassessable and Fully Paid Certificateholders shall not be personally liable for obligations of the Issuer. The interests represented by the Trust Certificates shall be nonassessable for any losses or expenses of the Issuer or for any reason whatsoever, and, upon the authentication thereof by the Owner Trustee pursuant to Section 3.03, 3.04 or 3.05, the Trust Certificates are and shall be deemed fully paid.