Isolation Sample Clauses

Isolation. The Facility, Unit or Units shall be properly isolated in order to achieve the test objectives. (Describe how the tested Unit will be checked for proper unit isolation; electrically, fuel, auxiliary loads, etc).
Isolation. Although the RTransceiver is designed to act as a bridge between a Primary and Secondary Channel, there are times where it may be useful to temporarily disconnect the two Channels. The RTransceiver provides an Isolate input in order to facilitate this. The figure illustrates a potential graphics system that contains from buffer memory and a Rambus compatible DAC on the Secondary Channel while the Primary Channel contains system memory. In this example, the Rambus DAC acts as a Secondary Channel master device used to read the frame buffer. While doing this without isolation, the DAC would consume bandwidth on both the Primary and Secondary Channels. If the Isolate input is asserted while the DAC reads the frame buffer, only the Secondary Channel is affected. This leaves the Primary Channel available for system memory accesses. The Isolate input to the RTransceiver is designed to operate at Rambus Signaling Logic levels, but may also be driven by rail-to-rail CMOS levels. [DRAM Graph appears here] XXxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxx Diagram [Diagram of RTranseiver] 42-Pin SVP [Diagram of 42-Pin SVP]
Isolation. The isolation process supplied by Molichem Medicines will be verified in the chemistry lab using extract generated at Apotex Fermentation Inc.
Isolation. One of the first key steps in creating abnormal bodies is the identification and establishment that whatever behavior or quality those bodies demonstrate is deviant. This is also the initial step in creating abnormal bodies under the moral crusade theory. Moral crusades are most directly associated with this step. In We, the qualities being crusaded against are individuality and freedom from regulation by the One State. One question when thinking about this step to bear in mind is: “Against what and whose values are bodies being compared against?” This society values collective identity and those at the helm of the power are those who hold the seats of power in the political and social body, respectively, which include the Benefactor and the Guardians. Individuality is constructed to be amoral, antigovernment, and biopoliticized as an illness. For example, dreams are not only illegal in the One State but are also regarded as a “psychic disease”. Dreams may carry implications of disease because the content of dreams cannot be surveilled and regulated. The ideal body is one completely regulated by the state, one that does not even object the state’s right to impose its rules upon bodies: “In my relationship to The One State I have the right to receive punishment, and this right I shall never relinquish. No number among us should ever renounce, or should dare to renounce this sole - and hence the most precious - right of his” (Zamyatin, 1). This excerpt demonstrates the result of profuse social controlextreme sympathy to whatever the state does to its abnormal bodies. For instance, D-503 does not hesitate to defend murder of abnormal bodies as demonstrated by his cavalier attitude towards an execution by gassing of a man captured by the state: “[The Gas Xxxx] is no longer torture of a tiny helpless animal. It serves a noble end: it safeguards the security of the One State” (Zamyatin, 80)" This man was charged for not possessing a number, indicating that he may have come from beyond the Green Wall, representing the physical spatial divide between the One State and its Other abnormal-bodied population. Those residing past the Green Wall are regarded as primal, xxxxxxx, and backwards, as they are most closely related to the ancestral population, whose daily lives and bodies are not regulated with as much scrutiny as the bodies in the One State. D-503’s attitude towards murder and execution of deviant bodies hearkens back to the notion that deviance is not a f...
Isolation. An existing cooling tower inlet drain valve, positioned on the downstream side of the 3m inlet isolation valve, can be used to assist in case the main isolation valve passes after isolation. In the unlikely event that the single drain valve is not enough to provide complete isolation, the Contractor provide an optional price to install a 300 mm drainage point in the valve pit downstream of the main isolation valve. The drainage point to be installed as per the hot tapping standard [22]. If required by the Employer the water drained from the hot duct by means of the newly installed drain shall be piped to the CW centre well in the pump house. The distance is approximately 100 metres.
Isolation. The Parties intend University to the extent practicable to have a so- called “hub-and-spokeconfidentiality relationship to Proprietary Information in which:
Isolation. 6.1 The Provider employs strict controls around the Software to ensure that only individuals with the appropriate legitimate interest are able to access Personal Data. There is a hierarchy of support roles around user administration ensuring that “administrators” with pre-agreed clearance are able to manage Customer Data. The following hierarchy applies:
Isolation. In the event medical or other authorities impose an isolation regime in an overseas country, or area of that country, which impacts on an employee, such employee will continue to receive regular salary continuation and living expenses, in accordance with the provisions of the assignment letter of understanding, throughout such period of isolation. As well, if an employee chooses to voluntarily place him or herself in isolation for a period of time in order to avoid exposure to Avian Flu due to a reasonably held belief, supported by the governing health authority, that the employee is at risk, the Company will maintain regular salary continuation and living expenses, in accordance with the provisions of the assignment letter of understanding, during such period of isolation.
Isolation. The challenges experienced by abortion providers often serve to isolate them in a variety of ways. Even aspects of their jobs that some may view as positive were described by providers as having adverse consequences of isolation. For example, providers spoke of often being regarded as heroes, and that this valorization of their work is isolating rather than empowering. Providers shared that “all painting us as heroes does is make it out so that our work is somehow exceptional and that we are different than other doctors” and “[it] perpetuates misperceptions that abortion is somehow outside of standard medicine.” “While it’s nice that the difficulty of our jobs is recognized, it suggests that abortion providers are alone and doing impossible work… possibly disincentivizing others from doing it.” Feelings of isolation among providers were found to extend beyond any single domain. Providers shared experiences of geographic, personal and professional isolation. Rurally located providers and those who were the sole providers for a large region reported experiencing physical isolation from other providers and the medical community as a result of their particular geography. A provider commented that “sometimes [the dearth of providers] is enough to make you feel like you’re alone.” Many providers cited feelings of personal isolation and loneliness as a result of challenges such as being unable to disclose their occupation and being ostracized from their communities. “It’s lonely sometimes. People can’t support you if they don’t know what you do, but to protect yourself you can’t tell them that so there’s a disconnect” – Abortion Provider Reflecting on other aspects of personal isolation, one provider lamented not being able to celebrate professional successes with her social networks, commenting that “I recently became [position] at [organization] and I think that’s a big deal but I can’t share it.” Isolation within the workplace and medical profession was reported by every one of the providers that we spoke with. Many discussed that in forcing the provision of abortion into only free-standing clinics through restrictive legislation and anti-abortion institutional policies, states have isolated abortion from standard medical practice and marginalized abortion providers as outsiders to institutionalized medicine.
Isolation. Residents who experience any symptoms possibly related to COVID-19 need to report to the Student Health Center or their preferred healthcare provider immediately for evaluation and/or testing. Residents are encouraged to notify their resident assistant as well via phone, text message, and emails. These symptoms, according to the CDC, include: (i) fever of 100.4 or higher, (ii) cough, (iii) shortness of breath, (iv) loss of sense of smell or taste, (v) persistent pain or pressure in the chest, (vi) new confusion, (vii) inability to wake or stay awake, (viii) bluish lips or face, (ix) fatigue, (x) nausea or vomiting, and (xi) diarrhea. Residents who test positive are given the option to go home or be housed in an isolation area, on or off campus. The resident will be safe to return to public settings typically after 10 days since the symptoms appeared and 3 days of being fever-free while showing symptoms of improvement. Residents required to self-isolate will be prohibited from having visitors, using laundry rooms, community spaces, public bathrooms, and any areas outside of their designated self-isolation area. Campus Housing will arrange for delivery of meals, and organizing laundry (if applicable), with isolated individuals.