Isolation Sample Clauses

Isolation. The isolation component for the District Allowance rates effective 1 July 2010 is calculated by multiplying $806 by a quotient derived from the division of the Accessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia (ARIA+) index value for a specific location or area by the maximum ARIA + index value (15). Future annual calculations of the isolation component will be made on 1 July each year using the monetary value of the previous year adjusted by the annual increase in the Perth Consumer Price Index March to March as issued by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
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Isolation. LPHA must facilitate efforts, including by partnering with OHA-funded CBOs and other community resources to link individuals needing isolation supports such as housing and food. The LPHA will utilize existing resources when possible such as covered Case management benefits, WIC benefits, etc.
Isolation. Separation of an ill person from other people in order to prevent further spread of illness.
Isolation. All new equipment furnished shall be mounted on vibration- absorption mounts, designed to effectively prevent vibrations to structure, and thereby eliminate sources of structure-borne noise from elevator system. FIELD QUALITY CONTROL Acceptance-Testing - Upon nominal completion of elevator modifications, and before permitting use of elevator (either temporary or permanent), perform acceptance tests as required and recommended by Code, and also perform other tests, if any, as required by governing authorities. Advise the Owners consultant or agent in advance of dates and times tests are to be performed on elevators. The tests will not have to be duplicated or witnessed by the Consultant if the AHJ witnessed the test and a copy of the test is forwarded to the Consultant.
Isolation. There shall be no loss of salary or sick leave allowance in any single case where certified/licensed personnel is subject to isolation by order of the Board of Health for reasons other than personal illness of the certified/licensed personnel. This section shall apply for five (5) school days only, after which such absence will be charged to sick leave. Absence under this provision must be supported by a certificate from the Department of Health.
Isolation. The following provisions will ensure that Isolation is used only when Youth pose an immediate threat to themselves or others and that Isolation is not used when a less restrictive method would be more effective. These provisions are also designed to discontinue over- reliance on Isolation by implementing a robust behavior management program that both rewards Youth for compliant behavior, and sanctions Youth for violating the facility’s rules.
Isolation. The Parties intend University to the extent practicable to have a so- called “hub-and-spoke” confidentiality relationship to Proprietary Information in which:
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Isolation. The Facility, Unit or Units shall be properly isolated in order to achieve the test objectives. (Describe how the tested Unit will be checked for proper unit isolation; electrically, fuel, auxiliary loads, etc).
Isolation. Excluding a student from his or her regular instructional area and restricting the student alone within a room or any other form of enclosure, from which the student may not leave.
Isolation. The use of aversive interventions which involves excluding a student from his or her regular instructional area and isolation of the student within a room or any other form of enclosure is subject to each of the following conditions:
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