Inside Sample Clauses

Inside. On any day that an auxiliary employee commences work, the employee shall be paid a minimum of two (2) hours at the regular rate.
Inside. Articles 15.01 and 15.02 notwithstanding, for more efficient performance of certain parts of the City’s work, positions of a special nature may be established by the City. Where employees are working a normal or abnormal work-week, irregular hours or shift work, and the work-day is eight (8) hours or less, they will be granted pay for the extended hours as per the collective agreement.
Inside. Except as otherwise designated in Schedules A and B, Article 15.09 (Modified Work Week) or by mutual agreement of the parties, all hours that an employee is authorized or required to work in excess of seven (7) hours in any one (1) day or shift or in excess of thirty-five (35) hours in any work- week shall be considered overtime and paid at the rates established below.
Inside. EmployeesThe basic workday shall consist of a scheduled period of seven hours of work. The basic workday shall not generally commence before 6:00 a.m. or finish later than 5:00 p.m. No seven hour day for "inside" employees shall be spread over a period longer than eight hours, including not more than one hour off for lunch. The basic workweek shall consist of five consecutive days.
Inside track. Being paid by your city or town, directly or indirectly, under some second arrangement in addition to your job is prohibited, unless an exemption applies. (See Section 20)A municipal employee generally may not have a financial interest in a municipal contract, including a second municipal job. A municipal employee is also generally prohibited from having an indirect financial interest in a contract that the city or town has with someone else. This provision is intended to prevent municipal employees from having an “inside track” to further financial opportunities. Example of violation: Legal counsel to the town housing authority becomes the acting executive director of the authority, and is paid in both positions. Example of violation: A selectman buys a surplus truck from the town DPW. Example of violation: A full-time secretary for the board of health wants to have a second job working part-time for the town library. She will violate Section 20 unless she can meet the requirements of an exemption. Example of violation: A city councilor wants to work for a non-profit that receives funding under a contract with her city. Unless she can satisfy the requirements of an exemption under Section 20, she cannot take the job. There are numerous exemptions. A municipal employee may hold multiple unpaid or elected positions. Some exemptions apply only to special municipal employees. Specific exemptions may cover housing-related benefits, public safety positions, certain elected positions, small towns, and other specific situations. Please call the Ethics Commission’s Legal Division for advice about a specific situation.
Inside. Article I, Section 1 of the Inside Agreement shall be revised to read in full as follows:
Inside. AstraZeneca shall provide to MAP a report regarding commercialization efforts relating to Licensed Products inside [***] during each [***] during the Term within [***] days after the end of such [***]. Such report shall contain sufficient detail to enable the JPT to assess the Party’s compliance with the applicable Commercialization Plan within [***].