Incompetency Sample Clauses

Incompetency. Any benefit payable to or for the benefit of the Executive, if legally incompetent, or incapable of giving a receipt therefor, shall be deemed paid when paid to the Executive's guardian or to the party providing or reasonably appearing to provide for the care of such person, and such payment shall fully discharge the Company.
Incompetency. If the Institution shall find that any person to whom any payment is payable under this Agreement is unable to care for their affairs due an illness or accident, or is a minor, payment due (unless a prior claim therefore shall have been made by a duly appointed guardian, committee, or other legal representative) may be paid to the Spouse, a child, a parent, a brother or sister, or a custodian determined pursuant to the Uniform Gift to Minors Act, the Uniform Transfer to Minors Act, or to any person deemed by the Institution to have incurred expense for such person otherwise entitled to payment, in such manner and proportions as the Institution may determine. Any such payments made under this Section in good faith shall be a complete discharge of the liabilities of the Institution under this Agreement.
Incompetency. Employees who are unfit for work due to being impaired (other than medical) on the jobsite may be discharged and forfeit fare and transportation consideration from the job.
Incompetency. If any portion of the Trust Fund becomes distributable to a minor or to a Participant or Beneficiary who, as determined by the sole discretion of the Administrator, is physically or mentally incapable of handling his or her financial affairs, the Administrator may direct the Trustee to make such distribution either to the legal representative or custodian of, or any of the relatives and friends of, the incompetent or to apply such distribution directly for the incompetent's support and maintenance. Payments which are made in good faith shall completely discharge the Employer, Administrator and Trustee from liability therefor.
Incompetency. Every person receiving or claiming payments under this Plan shall be conclusively presumed to be mentally competent until the date on which the Committee receives a written notice, in form and manner acceptable to the Committee, that such person is incompetent and that a guardian, conservator, or other person legally vested with the care of the person’s estate has been appointed. In the event a guardian or conservator of the estate of any person receiving or claiming payments under this Plan shall be appointed by a court of competent jurisdiction, payments may be made to such guardian or conservator provided that proper proof of appointment and continuing qualification is furnished in form and manner acceptable to the Committee. Any such payment so made shall be a complete discharge of any liability therefor.
Incompetency. In the event that it shall be determined by the Company that a retirement benefit is payable but that the Employee is unable to care for his affairs because of illness or accident, any payment due (unless a prior claim therefor shall have been made for a duly qualified guardian or other legal representative) may, in the discretion of the Company, be paid to the spouse, parent, child, brother or sister of the Employee or to any other person or institution deemed by the Company to be maintaining or responsible for the maintenance of the Employee; or in any such instances, then in the discretion of the Company, payment may be made by depositing the same in a responsible bank in Wisconsin in the name of the Employee. Any such payment shall be a payment for the account of the Employee and shall be a complete discharge of any liability of the Company therefore.