Hostilities Sample Clauses

Hostilities. When informed by a government agency or flying partner(s) of political hostilities/disruptions which may present a danger to the safety of Flight Attendants at locations into which they are required to fly, such information will be shared with the MEC President. At the request of the MEC President or designee, the Company will meet and review the impact of such hostilities and/or disruptions on Flight Attendants.
Hostilities. Unless prohibited by a governmental agency, the Company shall promptly notify the APFA National President upon receipt of information regarding hostilities, terror threats, political disruptions or natural disasters that may present a danger to the safety of Flight Attendants at stations into which they are required to fly. At the request of the APFA National President, the Company shall meet and review the impact that such hostilities or disruptions may have on Flight Attendants and notify the affected Flight Attendants.
Hostilities there shall have occurred, in the opinion of the Joint Lead Managers, any event or series of events (including, but not limited to, the occurrence of any local, national or international outbreak or escalation of disaster, hostility, insurrection, armed conflict, act of terrorism, act of God or epidemic) as would likely prejudice materially the success of the offering or distribution of the Notes.
Hostilities there is an outbreak of hostilities not presently existing or a material escalation of hostilities (whether or not war has been declared) after the date of this agreement involving one or more of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Hong Kong or the Peoples Republic of China, or any member of the European Union, or a terrorist act is perpetrated on any of the mentioned countries or any diplomatic, military, commercial or political establishment of any of those countries anywhere in the world; or
Hostilities. Although unlikely, the Ship may be confronted by actual or threatened war, warlike operations or hostilities. In addition to our right to deal with this situation under our general right to respond to safety concerns, we may also decide that it would be prudent for the Ship to sail with or without lights, omit observance of practices, rules and regulations as to navigation, cargo or others applicable in time of peace, or sail armed or unarmed and with or without convoy.

Related to Hostilities

  • War We do not Cover an illness, treatment or medical condition due to war, declared or undeclared.

  • CALAMITY DAYS 19.01 A calamity day is a school day when school is closed or delayed due to epidemic, inclement weather, or other calamity. Calamity days over the state allotted days are required to be made up and Employees will not be compensated for working these makeup calamity days. When schools are closed due to epidemic or other calamity, Employees shall be paid at the regular rate of pay and not have sick leave or personal leave charged against their accounts. If more than five (5) calamity days are used, all days in excess of the first five (5) will be made up, without additional compensation, with either student instructional days and/or professional development days, unless the Board approves a shorter minimum school year. Employees who are required to work on a calamity day (when school is closed) shall be paid normal calamity day pay, as well as time and one-half for all hours worked. If an employee is at work when the calamity day is declared the employee shall receive time and one-half for all hours worked as well as the calamity day pay. On days when the start of school is delayed due to inclement weather, bargaining unit members shall be required to report to work as early as the weather and road conditions permit.

  • Escalation If parties are unable to resolve the issue in a timely manner, as specified above, either Sourcewell or Vendor may escalate the resolution of the issue to a higher level of management. The Vendor will have 30 calendar days to cure an outstanding issue.

  • DISTURBANCES Tenant and all other occupants will be required to vacate the premises and forfeit the rental fee and security deposit for any of the following: Occupancy exceeding the agreed upon number people, using the premises for any illegal activity, causing damage to the premises rented or to any of the neighboring properties and any other acts which interferes with neighbors' right to quiet enjoyment of their premises. HOLD HARMLESS iTrip or the Owner, does not assume any liability for loss, damage or injury to persons or their personal property. Neither does owner accept any liability for any inconveniences, damage, loss or injury arising from any temporary defects or stoppage in supply of water, gas, cable service, electricity or plumbing, as well as due to weather conditions, natural disasters, acts of God, or other reasons beyond its control. BALCONY / TERRACE Tenant hereby acknowledges that the unit they have reserved may include a balcony and/or terrace, which can be dangerous areas. That these areas can become slippery when wet, and that injury may occur to anyone who is not careful. With full knowledge of the above facts and warnings, the undersigned Tenant accepts and assumes all risks involved to Tenant and all of Tenant's guests in or related to the use of the balcony areas. DECK / POOL / BEACH Tenant hereby acknowledges that the property they have reserved includes a deck, pool and beach, which can be dangerous areas. The deck can become slippery when wet, and injury and drowning may occur to anyone who is not careful around the pool, beach and deck. With full knowledge of the above facts and warnings, the undersigned Tenant accepts and assumes all risks involved to Tenant and all of Tenant's guests in or related to the use of the deck & pool. MAINTENANCE Please report any maintenance needs to the front desk. All maintenance needs will be addressed immediately by our maintenance crew available 24/7. Refunds will not be made for maintenance issues including, but not limited to heating and air conditioning, pest control, appliances, televisions, and stereos.

  • Pandemic The disease known as Coronavirus (COVID-19) which was characterised to be a pandemic by the World Health Organisation on 11 March 2020.

  • Terrorism Terrorism means an activity that involves a violent act or the unlawful use of force or an unlawful act dangerous to human life, tangible or intangible property or infrastructure, or a threat thereof; and appears to be intended to

  • Accidents If a death, serious personal injury or substantial property damage occurs in connection with CONTRACTOR’s performance of this Agreement, CONTRACTOR shall immediately notify Mendocino County Risk Manager's Office by telephone. CONTRACTOR shall promptly submit to COUNTY a written report, in such form as may be required by COUNTY of all accidents which occur in connection with this Agreement. This report must include the following information: (1) name and address of the injured or deceased person(s); (2) name and address of CONTRACTOR's sub-contractor, if any; (3) name and address of CONTRACTOR's liability insurance carrier; and (4) a detailed description of the accident and whether any of COUNTY's equipment, tools, material, or staff were involved.

  • Anti-Terrorism The Contractor agrees to undertake all reasonable efforts to ensure that none of the UNDP funds received under the Contract is used to provide support to individuals or entities associated with terrorism and that recipients of any amounts provided by UNDP hereunder do not appear on the list maintained by the Security Council Committee established pursuant to Resolution 1267 (1999). The list can be accessed via xxxxx:// This provision must be included in all sub-contracts or sub-agreements entered into under the Contract.

  • Act of God Landlord shall not be required to perform any covenant or obligation in this Lease, or be liable in damages to Tenant, so long as the performance or non-performance of the covenant or obligation is delayed, caused or prevented by an act of God, force majeure or by Tenant.

  • Plagiarism The appropriation of another person's ideas, processes, results, or words without giving appropriate credit.