Host Country Sample Clauses

Host Country refers to the country where the ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer (ACPE) applies to work, not in independent practice, but in collaboration with the local Professional Engineer, where appropriate, to practise Engineering.
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Host Country refers to the country where the ASEAN Architect (AA) applies to work, either in independent practice or in collaboration with the local licensed Architect, where appropriate to practise architecture.
Host Country the country where transport is performed.
Host Country. Any countries in which an Insured Person is employed. Insured Event Any occurrence described under Political Evacuation, Natural Disaster or Political Instability.
Host Country. I have conducted research on: ☐ Canadian government and international travel policies and restrictions ☐ The health and medical situation of my host country ☐ Immigration requirements, required forms to enter and possible delays in document processing ☐ The government measures and entry/exit requirements of my host country (quarantine and social distancing, when and where to get a Covid-19 test done if needed to board a plane and what type of tests are accepted) ☐ Locating the nearest Canadian Embassy or Consulate in my host country (if not Canadian your own home country’s)
Host Country s withdrawal from the Facility For the avoidance of doubt, the Host Country’s withdrawal from the Facility will not terminate this Agreement or alter in any other respect the Program Entity's obligations under this Agreement.
Host Country for the purpose of this agreement, the signatory countries where the relevant financial group has subsidiaries or branches;
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Host Country. The country where You are contracted to work in, should You be required to return post incident. Infectious or contagious disease Infectious or contagious disease means any disease capable of being transmitted from an infected person, animal or species to another person, animal or species by any means. Kidnap for Xxxxxx Kidnapping means any event or connected series of events of seizing, detaining or carrying away by force or subterfuge of one or more GEAR Member(s) by any third party for the purpose of demanding a Xxxxxx. Natural and Man-Made Disaster Natural Disaster means any event of natural occurrence including but not limited to earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, snow, rain, hail, lightning, flood, windborne dust or sand, wildfire or similar event that results in widespread and severe damage which makes the whole area Uninhabitable. Man-made Disaster means those disasters induced entirely or predominantly by human activities and choices [UNISDR definition- SENDAI Framework for disaster risk reduction 2015-2030] and can include elements of human intent, negligence, error or involve the failure of man-made systems Pandemic Any sudden outbreak of one or more causative organism(s) belonging to the same genus or species that is infectious or contagious, to which the Protected Person is exposed outside his or her Permanent home country, threatens the life or long-term health of the Protected Person, and becomes widespread affecting a whole region, a continent or the world. The infectious or contagious disease hereunder includes, those defined by the relevant Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and/or the World Health Organisation (WHO).
Host Country. You should be aware of the laws in the host country, including those regarding misconduct, discrimination, labor, and employment practices. You are expected comply with all applicable laws of the host country. Information regarding the local laws and customs will be provided by your pre-assignment destination services. You will be subject to the disciplinary processes of the home country unless host country law prohibits the practice. The courts of the home country shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising out of, or in connection with, your employment.
Host Country is the country where the cross-border establishment is registered and/or operates.
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